Friday, June 02, 2006

Game Over?

I read this post over at triggerfinger about the idiots who would show up at funerals of dead soldiers to rant about their bunk. Usually I agree with the views at triggerfinger, but not on this one.

Those people may still speak freely, and they may still assemble, and especially they may speak to the .gov and assemble near them. What they cannot do is assemble near a captive audience of private citizens for the sole purpose of disrupting their event. Didn't the courts rule that a cross burning wasn't protected as free speech since its only goal was to intimidate others?

Those idiots can write and publish letters, they can speak on street corners, they can do all that, but they can't badger grieving families. The right to swing your arms ends at my nose, does it not?

Someone point out where I'm wrong. I'm keen to see the counter-argument to this one.


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