Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mondo Noob Range Trip

Our Campus Republican club had their annual second amendment shoot last night, but we didn't shoot the second amendment. This year wasn't as fun as last year for some reason, and it was more fun for others. I brought three friends this time, three guns, and a big pile of ammo. These guys had all been shooting at least once before, so they had a blast (pun) and it was a really great time. We all took at least one turn at Mr. Completely's latest e-postal handgun match. I hope I won, but I haven't looked at the scores yet. The most interesting thing that happened to our group was when my tall Swedish friend shot the last round out of my Beretta Cougar and the slide zipped off the frame and flung itself downrange. Argh! No damage was done, and that malfunction didn't happen again. I figure my buddy just accidentaly pushed the slide release with his long fingers. Yeargh!

Anyhoo, other interesting things pertained to the nooby shooters. I helped out since they didn't have many experienced guys there. Two new shooters that I instructed did very well and had a lot of fun. There were two other guys, one on either side of me who didn't receive any instruction and were having in interesting time. The guy on the right was seriously rattled by the whole situation and was shaking pretty bad. The Glock that the range supplied him with was acting up and he was struggling. Fortunately I saw this in time and got him going in the right direction. He got a round chambered and was all ready to shoot when I noticed his strange grip (I'll post a pic of this later). He had his left thumb right behind the slide, yikes! And then I noticed that his thumb was already bloody (!!!) so that he'd shot like this already and not learned his lesson. They need to be more organized about getting training for the noobs next year.

Then there was the guy on the left. I thought he looked a little akward with his Sig, so I watched his technique, which turned out to be 1. shoot round; 2. lean gun to side; 3. gently cycle slide till next round falls out of chamber; 4. repeat. Then on the last round the slide locked open and he was struggling with the gun. I said "you're out of ammo" and he said "no, there's still two rounds in there." To which I replied "you mean those two on the bench?" Heh. Sorta funny that it made sense in his mind that you have to manually cycle the slide on an auto loading pistol. I guess that your brain will act a little funny in high-stress situations.

Anyway, quirks and all, it was a fun time. I think I'll send them an email about being a little better prepaired next year.


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