Tuesday, May 23, 2006

e-Postal for June!

Rifle e-Postal Match for June: "Walk the Line."

Now it's my turn to host Mr. Completely's e-Postal match! This month, I've come up with Walk the Line with a Cold Fire bonus round. This match requires 15 total shots. Walk the Line is designed to test the precision of you and your rifle, while Cold Fire is going to gauge the consistency of you and your weapon cold, straight from the safe. Naturally, you should start with Cold Fire.

For Cold Fire, place a single target at the distance required for your class. You must use a cold rifle. If you must sight your rifle first (i.e. new scope, unfired) then be sure to let your rifle cool down completely and take HALF the score you would have otherwise achieved. Shoot the targets once each in order (they're numbered) for a total of three shots. You score 20 points for a hit in the outer circle and an additional 20 points for a hit on the inner circle. Touching the black counts in both cases. OK, that was easy.

In Walk the Line, you will place two targets, one with the line oriented vertically and the other horizontally. You will take six shots at each target, aiming for the dots, starting from bottom to top, and left to right, respectively (you can shoot top to bottom or right to left if you prefer, it matters not). You may warm up and sight in your rifle before shooting Walk the Line. The complicated part for the shooter is to now measure the (x,y) coordinates of each hit on the target. Be as precise as possible in your measurements. The grid on the targets should help, and the units do not matter. Try to measure to the center of each hit to the nearest 1/4 square (about an 1/8th of an inch). Send me your list of (x,y) hit coordinates for each target, and I will compute the score. Scoring will be done by fitting a least squares line to (x,x+y) for each set of data and then taking the resulting R-squared value multiplied by 100. The (x,x+y) fit is required to make the numbers work out in a robust sort of way.

If you happen to miss one of the Walk the Line targets completely with any shots, then for each miss you have a choice. You can either take (x,0) as the coordinate of the shot, or you can take a second shot but subtract 10 points from your score.

A perfect score (not really acheivable, if you measure your hits precisely) would be 260 points. Now then, on to the classes:

Class 1: Rifles with unmagnified sights and optics.

Distance 25 to 50 yards, but you must specify the distance! I can account for distance to make this fair.

Class 2: Rifles with magnified optics.

Distance 100 Yards or longer, again, must specify the distance.

Class 3: Handgun with unmagnified sights and optics.

Distance 10 yards or longer, specify your distance.

Class 4: Air Rifle, any optics

Distance 15 yards or longer, specify your distance.

Class 5: Joke class. Spitwads, potato canon, paintball, airsoft, sling shot, lawn darts, archery, but no flaming tennis balls (against federal regulations, I kid you not). I'm fairly certain Mr. Completely will come up with something.

Distance anything that doesn't suck.

Any position including bench rest. No vises or clamps allowed.

Please send your completed targets and (x,y) coordinate data to carnaby_fudge AT hotmail dot com.


Anonymous MDL said...

Should the coordinates be relative to the target the shot was aimed at or absolute based off the center line at the bottom or left of the target?

6/04/2006 9:53 PM  
Blogger carnaby said...

absolute coords based on the coords listed on the targets! And it doesn't matter if you hit the little targets, only that you hit PAPER!

6/04/2006 10:52 PM  
Anonymous MDL said...

I realize that was an obvious answer. I hadn't viewed the target full size when I asked, so I didn't see that there were coordinates.

6/06/2006 2:51 PM  
Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

When do we have to have the targets turned in by?
I didn't see a date.

6/12/2006 9:46 AM  

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