Monday, June 05, 2006

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

As much as it pains me, I'm selling this

It's a Springfield Champion 1911-A1 with Commander slide -- my first ever firearm. I bought it shortly after moving to Texas, a sort of Welcome-to-Texas present for myself. It's almost worth keeping just for that, but I think it's time to move on. I originally wanted the smaller Springy in lieu of a full-sized hand-cannon in order to have easier concealed carry, but I decided I'd rather get a full-sized pistol and have more fun at the range. Plus, what this photo doesn't show are the "idiot marks" I etched into it from learning how to manipulate the slide properly. I'd like to pass that evidence of n00bery on to someone else. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about this for more concealable carry

Anyway, a few weeks ago I ordered something very similar to what's in the photo below -- mine will have the snazzy double-diamond grips -- and it should arrive soon. There's been a real run on these guys, and Springfield's been slow to produce them for some reason.

This is a Springfield (when I like a brand I stick with it) Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) with a stainless finish. The TRP is a more affordable version of the FBI model, the TRP-PRO. Here is a nifty comparison between the features of the "Loaded" model and the TRP. I'll tentatively promise a range report once the TRP arrives, but I've been really lax about posting range reports for my last three acquisitions. Work and all.


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