Sunday, October 31, 2004


I spent a few hours in the machine shop making a Darth Maul lightsaber for my 4 year old son's costume. It turned out pretty good:

I soldered up a couple red LED circuits and put one in each end so that sucker really lights up in the dark.

That's already earned me one "I love you Dad." I'm not abov buying my son's affection with cool stuff like that. Yep.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Good riddance, Arafat

I'm sorry to want to say this about another person, but I will be glad to see Arafat depart. This surely was a bad man.
I wonder if he thinks about the legacy that he is leaving behind.

There's nothing else to say.

Friday, October 22, 2004

I'm posting this piece of crap email in its entirety. I covertly signed up to receive emails from these asswits so I could keep track of what they have brewing. I have a small fisk near the end in purple.


Dear StoptheNRA member:

Can it be true that the NRA is behind the Stolen Honor "documentary" attacking John Kerry to be aired in part or in its entirety by Sinclair Broadcasting?

We have received credible information from a source inside the NRA that the NRA is a significant funder of the Stolen Honor "documentary" which is scheduled to be aired on 62 stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting in late October. This "documentary" is the source of much controversy as it is a blatant political attack on a presidential candidate days before an election and is being aired by a broadcast company owned by supporters of President Bush. They are characterizing it as "news" and claiming not to be subject to election laws.

The NRA has made no secret of its disdain for election laws and using its resources to try and get around these laws and impact the election. The NRA has a history of trying to circumvent these laws by attempting to buy TV stations, expressing desires to broadcast from Mexico or even from a ship offshore in international waters. By allegedly funding this "documentary" and working with an existing pro-Bush broadcaster to air it, they are succeeding where they have failed in the past. They need to be stopped from making this end-run around our nation's election laws.

Consider this:

The Assistant General Counsel of the NRA, James H. Warner, appears in the "documentary" as someone who is highly critical of John Kerry. Is this just a coincidence?

We have been told by a source inside the NRA (whom we cannot identify to protect him and his family) [ yeah, your grandma, FUCK YOU! ] that the NRA is a significant funder of Stolen Honor. The producers of Stolen Honor, Red, White and Blue Productions, a for-profit company, brag on their website that they have received funding from "individuals and entities nationwide" and are actively soliciting contributions. Since when do for-profit companies or news organizations solicit donations?

There is no reporting of contributors by Red, White and Blue Productions. No accountability. Nothing. Is this just an attempt by the producers to circumvent campaign finance laws and allow their supporters to hide their identities?

Sinclair Broadcasting and the NRA have shown their support for President Bush through endorsements and contributions. Is Red, White and Blue Productions acting as the go-between in order for the NRA to get its wish and use the airwaves to further its extreme [ = we no likey ] political agenda?

All groups who are involved in broadcast activities that attempt to influence elections (including the so-called 527 organizations) must disclose their donors. Why does Red, White and Blue Productions think it is exempt from this requirement?

The Washington bureau chief and top reporter for Sinclair Broadcast Group was fired after he criticized the company's plans to produce a news program based on a "documentary" critical of John Kerry [ yeah, just like you were up in arms over mickey moore's "documentaries" and extreme political agenda, eh? ] . After his firing he was "escorted out of the building [ no shit? I'm outraged! ]." Are these people afraid the truth is going to come out?

These are questions that need to be asked and investigated. Our nation's campaign finance laws are there to make sure the rich and powerful do not take over our election process [ note to self (yourself, not myself): FUCK YOU! Ever heard of George Soros? ]. We supported campaign finance reform and the NRA opposed it. They even lost their challenge to those laws in court. What lengths will they go to by-pass these laws?

Time is running short. The election is almost here [ and you're gonna lose, it's a lock. And I can hardly wait to see the look in all the lefties eyes on Nov 3 when Kerry gets his ass kicked. I work at UW, no shortage of liberal weanies there to look at. Plenty of "no iraq war" signs too ] .

How You Can Help:

1) Call the offices of Campaign Finance Reform sponsors Senators McCain (202-224-2235) and Senator Feingold (202-224-5323) and demand that the Senate investigate who is funding the "documentary" produced by Red, White and Blue Productions and to be aired in part by Sinclair Broadcasting.

2) Call Red White and Blue Productions at 717-213-4955 and demand they release the names of the individuals and entities contributing to the making of this "documentary."

3) Forward this e-mail to as many friends and relatives as you can. Time is running out.

4) Please click here to make a contribution to our efforts to get to the truth. Sensible gun laws need protection today.

Thank you,

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lileks for Senate!

Yes Please.

How do I express my emotions at the thought of James Lileks as a US Senator? To have a well spoken, snarky, glib, Lileks smouldering in the senate would make me believe in this country again.

Please Please Please, James, Run. Run James Run. See James Run. See James Win. See James in the senate. I can see this, and it is good.

The Debate

Bush wins one, finally. The debates still suck, Bush doesn't properly defend the second ammendment and he's too much on big government. Kerry is worse all around. Blerk.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ted Rall Prize for Accurate Reporting

According to Ted Rall, this is an F-16 (click to enlarge)

Smart guy.

While perusing this swell book at the University of Washington Bookstore (HUB Branch) I noticed a distinct slant in their political books

Those last two photos are of the prominent book displays at the front counter. To be fair, they did have How to Talk to a Liberal by Ann Coulter on the furthest side-shelf in the place, just to make sure they can point to the rabid right-winger and say "See! See! Right-wing wackos!"

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Gadhafi prize for soft fuzziness

The coveted Moammar Gadhafi Human Rights Prize has been awarded to that beacon of light to the oppressed masses of the world, Hugo Chavez. Fidel Castro is included in this elite group of human rights crusaders, winning the prize in 1988. The citation for the award

...praised the Venezuelan leader's "brave heart, intelligent mind, eloquent oratory and firm hand.
"I feel bathed in honor," Chavez replied, adding he hoped to visit Tripoli soon.
Hopefully some day we'll read a Chavez quote on CNN where he exclaims "I feel bathed in excrement," and he really means it.

bbq ribs

Well, I'm smokin' some big ol' pork spareribs. Yum yum. I use a variation of the standard Rub in Steven Raichlen's books.

Also, the best BBQ sauce from the store is actually a combination of two sauces. If you mix 1-part Stubb's Original with 1-part bullseye honey-garlic bonanza (or whatever bullseye flavor you like), you get the worlds best BBQ sauce for ribs, brats and chicken. For brisket and steak I like Stubb's straight up.

I'm out cookin' these suckers on my $100 grill from Wal-Mart and I just got my "I'm the NRA and I vote" bumper stickers in the mail. Life is good, even though I'm not gonna put the stickers on my car, vandalism from unscrupulous lefties you see, and I'll find some other more covert places to put them.

Friday, October 08, 2004

blah blah blah

I hate these presidential debates. Bush is not eloquent but he has some useful stuff to say. Kerry is a sack-of-shit liberal, but he can talk in public, sorta.

I watched half of the debate, in parts, inbetween chasing my two munchkins around the house. Sometimes Bush looked pretty bad, sometimes he came through better. Kerry was even the whole way through. The questions were not bad, but Bush could have smeared Kerry on a couple points. Too bad Bush doesn't grasp the economics behind the prescription drug re-importation from Canada crap. That's an easy one. That, and the windfall profits of the drug companies. That, and the "rich" keeping a greater share of their income. Really, he should have nailed Kerry for that one, given that his bitch wife is extremely rich, but doesn't pay much in tax. It's not a tax on rich people anyway, just on high income earners. The idle rich aren't affected too much, but the hard working ones are.

Bush should have said, and should make it his policy, that abortion will remain legal, period. I don't mind the restriction on "partial birth" as that is a sickening procedure, but earlier term abortion, no matter how much I personally hate them must remain legal, and he'd do himself a favor by stating such. He can't make it illegal anyway, and politically its the proper thing to do.

Kerry would have been easy to destroy by a proper small government conservative. Too bad Bush isn't one. I'll vote for Bush in November, but I'm hoping for something better the next time around. Maybe we'd be better off with a Liberal for four years to royally mess things up, kinda like Carter in the '70s. Then we could get someone decent, maybe another Reagan. It doesn't hurt to hope.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Phone call from home

As normal a day as any... I'm sitting at work reading says uncle and kim dutoit and I get a phone call from my wife at home, pretty standard stuff.

Me: Hi, how's things at home? Kids doing ok?

Wife: yep, the kids are down for their naps. How do you get the beretta ready again?

Me: Huh?

Wife: well, the house behind ours is surrounded by SWAT guys and there's a couple helicopters overhead, I just want to be on the safe side in case a runaway BG comes into the house.

Me: *blink* *blink*

Me: Ok, um, do you have it with you? Ok, good, now just cycle the slide... pull it all the way back and let go. The safety should be on, so all you have to do to be ready is flip the safety off. Got it?

Wife: *chick, ka-chack* Got it.

Me: Remember, if you have to shoot, don't flinch, don't shy away, just point the fucking thing and shoot, be determined. Make sure you get behind something first, and make damn hell sure it's not the fucking SWAT guys too. Geez, this sucks. First chance you get, we're going to the range together for an intense session or two.

Wife: Got it (she's mentally tough, I trust her if the SHTF).

Well there you have it. I've taught my wife to use the beretta (96 brig) with snap caps and all that, but she's never fired it on account of being pregnant when I got it and unable to get away from the baby long enough yet. We live in a really nice, mostly liberal neighborhood just north of the University of Washington in Seattle. I wonder WTF is going on back there??

UPDATE: OK, this wasn't really that big a deal. Turns out that SWAT was just after some weenie arsonist.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Rebecca Peters, my first fisk

Statement by Rebecca Peters, Soros Senior Justice Fellow / International Alliance forWomen, United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice

Apparently, Rebecca Peters is a leading international gun-control advocate. From what I read, she was influential on the Aussie gun ban, and is a Soros cronie. Wayne Lapier will be debating her on Pay Per View on October 12. I thought I'd check her out, and this is one of the things I came up with.

After reading this dismal tripe I see that the focus of Ms. Peters, hhhaaaak! spit!, work, is in line with typical "social justice" types. That is, the focus is on the lowest rung of the social behavior groups of society. And yet she treats this as paramount significance to the state of the world. This group of people, in each society, should, apparently, dictate policy of wide and influential scope. I'm so agitated that I'm adding commas to every other word, forgive me...
The Resolution on illicit trafficking that is now before delegates is another laudable outcome of the Commission's firearms project. The Resolution focuses on illicit trafficking in firearms between countries. However, the international and domestic spheres are not independent of each other. The harm done by guns is felt within countries, within communities and within households. Also, every gun begins its life within a country, usually as a legal product. A gun can have a long and varied career before it crosses the border into the realm of 'illicit international trafficking'. To prevent harm from guns internationally, the most critical point for intervention is within the domestic policies and practices of individual countries. To re-state a point mentioned by the distinguished delegate of Canada and others: nations that allow guns to be freely manufactured, transferred and possessed within their borders are undermining the international community's efforts to prevent transnational gun crime.
What they're saying is what the commies used to say, that their bullshit is failing because they can't lock down the entire world. This becomes the justification for the UN as world police officer and delegation of power to the UN to dictate laws on national levels. Skip some drivel...
I am here as a representative of the International Alliance of Women, which works for de facto equality between women and men, and for the ratification and implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. For more than 20 years, IAW has been active in combatting violence against women and children in all its forms. We urge Member States to comply with the International Declaration on Violence Against Women, and to work closely with the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women. Distinguished delegates will recall last month's Resolution of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, to join international efforts against illicit traffic, trade and transfer of weapons and to control excessive production.
blah blah BS about women's equality (not before the law mind you, but in terms of the usual income, employment and the rest). Now about that "excessive production," who gets to define that? I bet I know who Rebecca Peters thinks should decide.
There are many reasons why the regulation of firearms is a women's issue. One is that women and their children make up the majority of victims in civil wars and regional conflicts fuelled by the global flood of guns. Another is that women and their children are the main users of the social and health services which suffer when resources must be diverted into policing crime and arming military and security forces. However, the topic I am addressing today is gun violence in the home.
Yeah, I guess you're happy that the flood of guns didn't reach the black population of Darfur. This way, they didn't have to divert their resources away from their social and health services, lucky them.
In Canada, the national survey of violence against women found that 25% of all women had experienced domestic violence. 16% of these women had been threatened or injured with a gun or knife, compared with 4% among women victimized by men who were not their spouses.
Still shows that the lowest denominator in society is the troubling one, and that they tend to keep it among themselves, thankfully.

Domestic violence is a way of gaining and maintaining control over the perpetrator's partner and children. Here are a few examples, reported by domestic violence services, of how guns are used to do this:

* direct threats at gunpoint;

* shooting the family dog as a warning;

* sleeping with the gun nearby and threatening to shoot the wife if she 'tries to sneak away';

* wielding the gun during discussions about custody of the children;

* mock executions - holding the gun to the victim's head and pulling the trigger;

* getting the gun out and cleaning it during or after arguments.

When a woman has left an unhappy relationship, brandishing a gun may be a means of forcing her back into it, or of obtaining access to the children. When she is still in the relationship, a gun can prevent her leaving.
So we're talking about the scum of the earth, no? So why does this justify her desire to disarm the law-abiding? Put the rest of us at the mercy of the asswads focused on in her study.
It may be that by recounting these grim facts I have made some delegates feel depressed. I do not apologize for voicing a perspective which is often overlooked in discussions about crime and guns. It is an uncomfortable reality that societies must face: whether at the level of the nation or the household, guns serve as implements of injury and coercion. Women have long pointed out that where violence is concerned, the distinction between the public and private sphere leaves us unprotected where we are most at risk. A strong parallel can be drawn with the distinction between international and national policies on gun control. The international effort to restrict the flow of guns across borders must be accompanied by efforts to restrict the build-up of arsenals in private homes.
This was all summarized by DiFi a while back when she said "people have the RIGHT to FEEL safe." Except she gets to decide what it is that makes you feel safe. I FEEL safe (and a lot of other nice things) when I'm in the process of building up the arsenal in my home, but that doesn't count.

Senators ought to get tarred, feathered, and kicked out of office at the first mention of RIGHTS to FEELINGS. I thought this fisk would be more interesting, but it's kinda blah. Oh well, first try. I'll do better next time.

George Meet Jar Jar... Jar Jar, George.

So it seems that people are going bonkers over George Lucas' changes to the original Star Wars. Rightly so, I say, but, as the article points out, George Lucas is within his rights to do as he pleases, and he is in fact the owner of the movies.

Now, the sucky thing is that many of the changes do not agree with me (serious understatement). They are, in fact, really stupid. Yep, I'll chose with my money to not buy the damn things. I can find originals on eBay on laser disc and VHS (dammit) and transfer them to DVD for my own viewing enjoyment. They exist, but are now seriously subject to the law of supply and demand since they are in high demand and fairly rare.

Whatever, the thing is, Lucas did some things that are, in my opinion, really crappy. He's well within his rights to do so, and I am well within my rights to criticize him.

Lucas' fans made him very very rich and he earned that by making movies that we enjoy. Why is he being a total jerk-face and not releasing the original versions on DVD as well?? What a pompous ass to try and shove his version of what is good down our throats. He was a much better creator/director 20 years ago, and has totally lost his edge. His new movies suck and I won't ever buy them (rent maybe, but buy, NEVER!).

George, you're about to make my dink list... grrrrr.

Thank God Spielberg has control over Raiders of the Lost Ark movies. I think we can count on him to not wreck them. Besides, the originals are already out on DVD, so there. If Lucas could get his grubby mitts on them, I'm sure he'd have Indiana "negotiate" with the big black-robed sword swinging bad guy instead of just blasting him with his revolver. Sheesh.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Back Off! Get Your Own Sandwich

So Handgun Free America is using the same tactics that the anti-tobacco dingwads used. You see, the gun industry is targeting The Children!!
Over the past two decades, the firearms industry has realized that it needs to find a new market for peddling its deadly products, and has found this new market in the youth of America. Kids are easily fascinated with guns, and the firearms industry has exploited this fact to design and manufacture weapons that can more easily be used by children and to directly market weapons to children.
Uh huh. Where have I heard that before? Anyway, it turns out they're talking about little chipmunk size .22 rifles. These Weapons!! are being marketed to The Children!! ohmigosh!!

(image from Henry Repeating Arms)

That's the Weapon!! in question. Sorry that you dimwits in HandgunFreeAmerica and your ilk (Brady, VPC, etc) didn't have a father who loved you and would buy you your own rifle and take you shooting. Now Back Off! Get your own sandwich.

Dishonest Suckwads

Newtown Township, PA - Senator Arlen Specter's decision to side with the gun lobby over the people of Pennsylvania has now had direct consequences: More crimes with military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.
So says the news release at the brady campaign (emphasis added by me), which then goes on to say
One of the nation's first assault weapons crimes since the sunset of the ban on these weapons apparently occurred here late last week, at a Mobil gas station on South Sycamore Street, just sixteen days after... the ban [expired].
I like that. One crime is committed and they say MORE! implying that there is now evidence that more "assault weapons crimes" are being committed than would have been without the ban. Who exactly do these assholes think they are fooling?

I suppose it does help whip up the converted into a frenzy, keeps up the morale. Hopefully the anti-gun twaddle is losing its luster just like the enviro twaddle seems to be. The core are still beating the drum, but the general population isn't listening any more.

OK, so now that I'm at the end of this post I see that saysuncle has already been there done that. Well, my analysis was entertainting (MORE!) but the best part is that the brady bitches made it up! Go see here (again thanks, uncle).

See, I'm a gun blogger! Nobody reads me, but I write my crap and link to the blogs of the important gun bloggers. Kindof a dorky tag-along. Kinda funny. Kinda sad. Kinda true.

Won't someone besides my sister leave a post or link to the site? Pleaaase? Pleeeeeaaase?

By Grapthar's Hammer!

I used to have a beef that I no longer have. My waist size seems to be 37, but there aren't any clothes makers that I know of (Levis, Gap, Eddie Bauer, etc.) that make size 37 pants. Odd sizes apparently stop at 35; I guess after that you're just a big fat even numbered idiot. Thus, for comfort I have always been forced to buy size 38 pants and cinch 'em up.

Turns out this is a good thing. All my pants provide room for a concealed pistol. By Grapthar's Hammer, what a savings.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Dink List™ Update!

Here's my newly revised dink list™™

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker (serious blerk, reminds me of Dee Schneider from Twisted Sister :p)
  2. Jessica Simpson (I'm a serious capitalist, but I have a hard time believing the market chose this particular lack of talent)
  3. Alanis Morrisette
  4. Woody Allen
  5. Anyone imitating "Kramer" (with the exception of the original actor)
  6. Barbara Streisand
  7. John Maynard Keynes
  8. Linux nerds who take themselves too seriously
  9. Jimmy Carter (exception to rule #1)
  10. Sean Penn, definitely
  11. more later ...
... and the rules™™
  1. do not include obvious political choices. The dink list™™ is meant as a list of people who's simple being, aside from their politics, irritates you to no end. For instance, I may not, no matter how much I'd like to, include Michael "Asshat" Moore and Sarah "the bitch" Brady on my dink list™™. I may include them on my ass-juice list™, but not the dink list™™.
  2. as stated in the earlier post: Kenney Rogers is reserved explicitly for my father in-law. It is forbidden to include good ol' Kenny on anyone else's dink list™™.
  3. There is allowed ONE and ONLY ONE exception to rule #1. This person should generally fit the intent of the dink list, in addition to being, or in spite of being, a political figure whom you like or dislike.
  4. That's pretty much it.
Now I want to see at least one person's dink list™™, stat, Sarah?

The Last Debate

If you read down far enough in my posts, you'll see that I jumped on the conservative "Kerry's gonna get stomped at the debate" bandwagon.

My prediction, like most, was fairly wrong. Too bad. Come on ol' Georgie, I've got $130 riding on you in November. Meh, he'll still win in November. Kerry is a schleb (how did the Dem's pick that guy?) and he's got no hope.

As far as I can tell, what my Pa says about George Bush is pretty true. He's a really good Democrat, Harry Truman sorta president (Nice guy, but too much on the big government stuff). Anyway, I guess the place where Bush falls short for Dems (besides not being a Dem) and why they don't give him a pass on all his big government stuff is in the realm of religion. I agree that he goes to far for an elected official in his faith. Keep it at home buddy.

I'm still hoping for a proper small "c" conservative in 2008. Someone to be strong on gun rights and the military, strong on tax cuts and capitalism, soft on regulation and all that, but please leave the faith stuff at home.

Now, about that debate between Cheney and Edwards. I'm predicting that Cheney will wonk Edwards on the head (figuratively again), but we'll have to wait and see. Come on Cheney.

Dink List™

The dink list™ is a list of people, politicians excluded (to obvious), who irritate you to no end. Off the top of my head, here's my current dink list™, subject to revisions and additions at my discretion.

1. Alanis Morrisette
2. Woody Allen
3. Anyone imitating "Kramer" (with the exception of the original actor)
4. Barbra Streisand
5. John Maynard Keynes
6. more to follow...

Note to George Lucas: You are very close to making my dink list™. So far, the original Star Wars trilogy has kept you off of it, but don't press your luck. You've become all soft and mushy in your old age and it is reflected in your movies. You're like an old rocker passed on by time who refuses to go away. So shape up or call it quits, please! For an example of what I mean, there was absolutely no reason to change Solo's preemptive strike against Greedo in the first Star Wars movie. Solo is a scounrdrel and he was dealing with a bounty hunter. Of course he'd shoot first. Geez.

Some more rules:

1. To be interesting, the dink list™ should not include anyone too obvious (e.g. politicians, Karl Marx if you're a capitalist, etc.).

2. Kenny Rogers is restricted to my father in-law's dink list™ only. My father in-law invented the dink list™ (as far as I know, there are probably others, I don't want to hear about it) to accommodate Kenny. I personally have no problem with Kenny, but there it is.

3. ... more if I think of them

So let's see your dink list™s.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

CCW Newbie

So, I'm new to CCW and trying to figure it out. I'm also not in a position to spend $$ on a nice IWB holster. So here are my two rigs

Beretta 96 brigadier carried "mexican" (down the pants, no holster) or OWB (outside the waistband) in a $25 uncle mikes.

works pretty good in Fall/Winter/Spring when wearing a decent jacket, sweatshirt or heavy long shirt (carrying mexican in front is totally concealed with jeans and a t-shirt).

Now, when total concealment with light clothing and no risk of pistol falling down pant leg is desired, I opt for my Bersa "thunder" .380 auto in a super cheap-o Uncle Mike's "inside the pants" holster.

Nice little piece, and the best I could do on my budget after blowing my wad on the Beretta. Otherwise I'd have a Kel-Tec if I was gonna stick with the .380 auto, but more likely I'd have that Kimber Compact CDP in .45acp listed a few posts below. The Uncle Mike's used to carry the Bersa up about an inch or so too high, and the butt of the gun stuck out something fierce. I fixed that by removing the belt clip and undoing the stitches on the seam of the holster. I then re-stitched the belt clip to a better position about an inch higher than stock, and stitched the holster back together at the seam. Now that little .380 is tucked in tight to the belt and I'm very comfortable with it.

In any case, I'm new to CCW and I still check my rig to make sure it's not "printing" about once every 10 seconds. I'm also sure that everyone I talk to "knows" and I'd basically feel more comfortable walking around wearing only a pair of socks, especially with the Beretta, the butt of which is difficult to conceal. If I have to squat down for something, the butt sticks right out, gerk. I figure the more I do it the less I'll care, so I carry all the time now, even to the beer isle at Safeway, since you know, it involves beer and Safeway, better be prepared.

My future CCW list includes a compact .45 1911 with a nice holster, maybe the Answer, or something from Milt Sparks.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Shootin' Irons

These are some damn fine rifles. If I had the excess dough laying around I'd definitely have at least one of these. I wonder if Les Baer will ever chamber one of these things in something besides the poodleshooter, maybe 6.8 Rem SPC or 6.5 Grendel (yeah, like I know what I'm talking about).

Still, damn fine.

Not to mention their .45s, about as nice as it gets. I've got a serious hankerin' for the Monolith flavor

Definitely like to stuff that down my pants.

Have a Good Weekend!

The weekend is here and the weather is good. To all my readers (Sarah), have a good weekend!

I wonder if I'll ever have a "readership."

I wonder if sometime in the next few months I'll have one of these. At around $430, let's hope.

Turns Out Kerry Is Secretly a French Bastard!

Cruising through Drudge today, I see this picture

French Bastard

The camera doesn't lie. Look at those penile pink lips, he's French!

He might be gay also (not that I care), since he is married to that man in drag who calls himself "Teresa" or whatever, who wears those "I'm not happy with my body" jackets with the too-big shoulder pads in warm indoor environments. Henry John Heinz must be rolling in his grave.