Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shooting at work

From The High Road, we have a story from a witness at the scene of a workplace shooting. Most interesting quote:
Turns out the handgun used was a .25 auto. One spent casing was found on the office floor.

Hard to believe that a mouse gun could do that much damage. Even at near point blank range.
Scary stuff.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Rifle Shower Cookie

Have a look at the picture in this thread at THR. Heh!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

He Shoots! He Scores!

I managed a quick trip to the range to shoot my coldfire/walk the line e-postal for the month. Turned out pretty well. I scored my targets and generated an excel spreadsheet that anyone out there shooting this match can use to compute their scores. Furthermore, have a look at my targets and the scoring procedure in the worksheet, it'll help clear up any questions.

Note that while I have the "vertical" target lined up vertically for shooting, I score it the same way with the coordinate system on the target as for the horizontally shot target. Feel free to email me or comment here if you have questions. My email is carnaby_fudge AT HOTmail dot com.

Needless to say, I'm pleased with how my Savage in .300 Win Mag shoots cold.

And here's the link to my score sheet.

Have fun!

Friday, June 09, 2006

We Have a Program for That!

The exerpt below, taken from this post at Alphecca...
A package of 17 bills aimed at quelling gun violence passed the state Assembly yesterday despite protests from Republicans concerned that the legislation does more to crack down on gun enthusiasts than gang members.


The bills are intended to prevent gun violence, protect witnesses and bolster police powers. New Jersey is home to more than 17,000 gang members and authorities last year filed about 1,900 criminal cases involving gun violence.

The proposals range from toughening criminal sentences to establishing gang violence prevention seminars for educators and employment programs for disadvantaged youngsters.
Reminds me of an old Bloom County cartoon, with the underpriveleged youth who sells illegal cat sweat scalp tonic (click to enlarge)


A Vicious Triangle of Death?

Apparently it is. See, this fancy graphic proves it!

Courtesy of our friends at the Brady Campaign to Obfuscate Gun Issues. Maybe they're just bored, and thinking up clever new schemes to stoke the flames of the anti-gun movement is a fun challenge. How about a run down:

1. Handguns? Blech. Ban handguns.
Result: Worked in Canada (sorta), UK, etc. Didn't hold in the USA. Dang!

2. Cop Killer Bullets? Blech! Ban 'em!
Result: No such thing. Only got one major Hollywood movie out of it. Argh!

3. X-ray-evading Plastic Glock pistols? Yack! Ban 'em!!
Result: No such thing. Lots of plastic, but lots of metal too. Didn't even get a movie out of it. Well, shoot! (so to speak).

4. Blood of "The Children" flooding the streets. Ban guns!
Result: "Children" were 37 year-old gang bangers. Mostly died out. Rap music became too commercial, lost G-edge.

5. Assault Weapons? Blech blech blech! They're so EEEVIL! Ban 'em! Sorta!
Result: Mag price jump. "Whatdya mean I can't have a flash hider??" Then ten years later: "Free at last!"

6. Assault Weapons Ban Repeal? Blood in the streets! AK-47s and UZIs! Kill Kill Kill! Don't repeal it.
Result: They didn't, it just expired. No blood in the streets. Double dang!

7. .50 cal Sniper Rifles? They'll shoot down airplanes! Foot long bullets will travel to the earth's core and cause global earthquakes! Ban 'em!!!
Result: Nobody ever killed or hurt by a civilian-owned .50 BMG, except in erroneous news reporting, where a guy was shot TWICE! in the CHEST! and lived. Uh huh.

8. .50 cal Sniper and Assault Weapons are Terrorist's Weapons of Choice! (TWoC, not to be confused with CWOC, or Criminals Weapons of Choice)! Put Mahmood on the list! No list??? Well, make a list, then Ban 'em!
Result: Terrorists use bombs and airplanes etc. Non issue. Thppppt!

9. Nobody is buying our crap! Solution: Rephrase! "Sensible Gun Laws." Who could oppose that?
Result: Americans not stupid. Relabeling nonsensical propositions as "sensible" didn't pass muster. Fudge!

10. Triangle of Death? Heh heh heh. I mean Yeeearrrgh! Throw 'em all in jail!
Result: Rank amateurs stepped on the ATF's pee-pee. Big no-no. Turns out most dealers follow the law to the letter. Don't know final outcome exactly, but this one will fizzle out, too.

Here's my prediction for what's coming from the BC: Go back to what's tried and true: The Slippery Slope. Just need to start higher. We were on the slope, but somehow the gun nuts got some traction. Start over and keep it well lubed. Maybe go back to "Nobody NEEDS 364 guns. Darn it, that's an Arsenal! What if the terrorists had an arsenal? Only criminals need an arsenal. Blood will run in the streets if private citizens have arsenals! Ban 'em!"

So there we have it, it'll all start again at the top, the new top, every proper gun-nut's worst nightmare: Arsenal Control.

Please provide your own predictions, this could be funny. Maybe we'll get an entry on tradesports: "What will the Brady Campaign cook up next?"

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Breaking Up Is Difficult, But Reciprocating Is Easy

Reasonable Nut just added us to his blogroll, so up he goes at Fudge. What is especially cool is that he shot this month's e-postal with an air rifle in his in-home rifle range. Sweet. Now I need an air rifle.

Welcome to the blogroll, and try not to swear so much. Mom wouldn't approve. :P

Monday, June 05, 2006

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

As much as it pains me, I'm selling this

It's a Springfield Champion 1911-A1 with Commander slide -- my first ever firearm. I bought it shortly after moving to Texas, a sort of Welcome-to-Texas present for myself. It's almost worth keeping just for that, but I think it's time to move on. I originally wanted the smaller Springy in lieu of a full-sized hand-cannon in order to have easier concealed carry, but I decided I'd rather get a full-sized pistol and have more fun at the range. Plus, what this photo doesn't show are the "idiot marks" I etched into it from learning how to manipulate the slide properly. I'd like to pass that evidence of n00bery on to someone else. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about this for more concealable carry

Anyway, a few weeks ago I ordered something very similar to what's in the photo below -- mine will have the snazzy double-diamond grips -- and it should arrive soon. There's been a real run on these guys, and Springfield's been slow to produce them for some reason.

This is a Springfield (when I like a brand I stick with it) Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) with a stainless finish. The TRP is a more affordable version of the FBI model, the TRP-PRO. Here is a nifty comparison between the features of the "Loaded" model and the TRP. I'll tentatively promise a range report once the TRP arrives, but I've been really lax about posting range reports for my last three acquisitions. Work and all.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Game Over?

I read this post over at triggerfinger about the idiots who would show up at funerals of dead soldiers to rant about their bunk. Usually I agree with the views at triggerfinger, but not on this one.

Those people may still speak freely, and they may still assemble, and especially they may speak to the .gov and assemble near them. What they cannot do is assemble near a captive audience of private citizens for the sole purpose of disrupting their event. Didn't the courts rule that a cross burning wasn't protected as free speech since its only goal was to intimidate others?

Those idiots can write and publish letters, they can speak on street corners, they can do all that, but they can't badger grieving families. The right to swing your arms ends at my nose, does it not?

Someone point out where I'm wrong. I'm keen to see the counter-argument to this one.