Monday, January 01, 2007

Springfield Pistol Upgrade

About the same time last year I got two new Springfield 1911's because I couldn't pass up the great deals that I got. A TRP Armory Kote and a Black Stainless. The TRP is THE best pistol I've ever shot. The trigger is light and crisp. The weight is perfect. The sights are spot on. Couldn't ask for more.

The Black Stainless is another matter. It looks good and accuracy is good, but the trigger feels like every component is covered with coarse grit sandpaper. It might be that all the components are coated with the same matte black stuff that covers the outsided of the gun. Whatever it was, it was unacceptable (yeah, I know, I'm changing tense, but I can't go back now...)

To solve the problem, I ordered a full set of trigger components from Ed Brown. I went with the stainless perfection sear and disconnecter and stainless hardcore hammer and strut. Of course, the hammer and strut did not come with a pin to put them together (d'oh!) but the local store stuck one in there for me for $3, so that was OK.

When I finally got around to assembling the components, the hammer and sear didn't fit together in the dang gun! The hammer wouldn't go down all the way, the sear was blocking it somehow. I tried a few times with no luck, and then I got the bright idea to try them in the TRP. Turns out that they fit perfectly in the TRP and smoothed up the trigger even more! Not bad. Better yet, the TRP components fit fine in the Black Stainless, and what a difference that made. The pistol is now enjoyable to shoot. Well, at least it's enjoyable to dry fire. I'll take it to the range later this week.

I know that Cynlinder and Slide makes a nice drop-in trigger set, but I decided to go with Ed Brown. It seems you get a little more for your money, and I'm not dissapointed.

UPDATE: Pics! Here's the hammers back. I like the stainless on the otherwise black TRP.

Hammers down. Pretty nice.

A good looking set of Di-Fi twisters.

A close up shows the superb finish on the Ed Brown Hardcore hammer.


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