Friday, December 08, 2006

With All Due Respect to Mad Ogre and Kim du Toit

The AR-15 rocks. Kim and Ogre both heart the AK, and it is an effective rifle, but it sure doesn't feel very good to hold or shoulder. The new AR-15 in the non-wuss 6.8spc is a mighty fine rifle. Quite a machine, which I appreciate as a mechanical/aerospace engineer. It's ergonomics are the best I've ever felt. I'll take it to the range next week and we'll see how it shoots.

Speeking of feel, the M1/M14 rifle type feels great too. It's a totally different package, but it feels like a rifle. The AK? There's just something wrong with it, kinda like Glocks. The grip on the AK feels like crap. The receiver is like an old toaster, and not the good kind. The controls are like something someone thought up at the last minute to meet a deadline, back in '47, and then never went back and fixed. And it's butt ugly. Yeah, it goes bang, and it is accurate enough to do the job on the battlefield, sorta, but gimmie an AR any day.

Like I said, maybe I'll change my mind after the range trip, but I doubt it.

Now for something that'll make Kim happy. I got a couple of my lab-mates into shooting. They got hooked and bought a couple new Savage bolt action .22 rifles with accutriggers (they both had a thing for my accutrigger Savage in .300 win mag). Well, one of them just plunked down a wad of sweaty bills on this fine weapon That's a Howa with a heavy barrel and 2.5-10x50 scope in .308. I just want du Toit to know that he is directly and indirectly responsible for all this good gunnyness. I think a happy dance would be in order, and the AK would be just fine!


Anonymous triticale said...

The better AKs, with a billet receiver, won't have that toaster feel, but everything else is indisputable.

12/15/2006 11:14 AM  

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