Wednesday, December 06, 2006

cARnaby-15 Build Update 4

The Ko-Tonics upper has arrived! Here's some pics. My weaver scope rings are too short to clear the rail on the AR, so it's going to have to be irons. I'll survive, somehow.

This rifle looks very nice! Tough as nails, and very high quality. The upper and lower went together like they were a matched set. Here's some close-ups

Notice that the handguard is one of Tim's custom coated models. The coating is perfect, and seems super durable. Tim Hicks at Ko-Tonics sent the rifle with irons: a flip front sight and a solid rear. Two magazines should do for testing. I've got two boxes of Remington ammo, and my Lee Dies are on the way. I plan to load and shoot about a hundred rounds. Range report will follow before Christmas, so stay tuned.


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