Monday, May 02, 2005


This thread on THR cracks me up, on account of I can relate. I'm kinda new to concealed carry and suffer from some pretty solid printophobia. Here's some of my favorite quotes, that remind me of me...
I think it's only a bit natural for newly minted CCW permit holders to be a bit nervous about that new part of them. The truth is that the public at large is oblivious and has zero situational awareness beyond the conversation blaring through their cell phone pasted to their ear.
Newly minted, heh, that's me.
Anyway, It has always been a mental thing with me, as If there is a large, blinking neon sign affixed to my person that advertises: "Hey world, look at me, I'm carrying a loaded handgun!" What, to my mental state, feels like a brick or cobblestone in my pocket, the rest of the world blithely goes about their own way, totally oblivious to me and the small package in my pocket!
Yup, I got that large sign on forhead problem too...
Ah yes, printophobia, the scourge of those who CCW. I'm 68 years young and have been carrying concealed for over 20 years. Here in Florida, shorts and "T" shirts are uniform of the day almost year round. I CCW a Glock G26 in the right front pocket of my cargo style shorts. To this day, the only person who has ever noticed was my 9 year old Grandson, "Got your gun in your pocket Pops?"
And a scourge it is.
Way back in the day I had printophobia. I'm pretty casual about it now. If I'm out alone I take more care to do the things that Tuner described. If I'm out with the wife-family I care less b/c having clean cuttish people with you offers even more for people to look at than just me and we're easily profiled as a family out n about which is a type of camofflauge of its own.

When I was first learning to do the 'girlie stoop' I had more concern of if people thought I was gay than if they seem my gun! Then I realized that with the more & more acceptance of gays in general that effemminate body language like that may even profile me as a non threat in a way also. Not necessarily true but generally. No offense to anyone.
Girlie stoop, check.
About ten years ago, I pretty much came to the same conclusion you did ... to test it, I carried a Beretta 92 in an old Galco pancake strongside -- this was in the summer -- for a whole weekend under untucked lightweight shirts, everywhere I went in public, downtown ... Didn't get a hint anyone even looked twice, although to me, it felt like I had an bowling ball strapped to my side. Now, when I carry a "little" gun like a Commander-size 1911 in an IWB, I sometimes panic and check to see if I've still got it on ...
Yes, when you can't see it it turns into a pumpkin, or a bowling ball.

Now my wife is getting aggravated every time I walk in front of her and do my "gathering products from the top shelf" or "wistfully striding" acts while asking "am I printing?" She's going to beat me with a frying pan if I ask her again.

I was carrying my new Kimber at the lake with my son while we were fishing this weekend. Lots of people walking the trail, and every time I was out of sight... pat, adjust, pat, tug, shift... argh! It's mostly the 4:00 IWB that's giving me the printophobia. When I can't tolerate the printophobia, I carry in my modified cheap-o Uncle Mike's inside-the-pants holster at about 1:00. No printing or phobia there, but not so comfortable for long durations, nor good for quick draw. That, and if you're not IWB strongside you just aren't cool, don't kid yourself.

Nevertheless, I do think mostly that the posters on THR are correct: nobody notices, so CCW with pride, man!


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