Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rambo Meets the Karate Kid?

This photo seems to show two adolescents training at the Jean Claude Van Damme School of Frivolous Combat Techniques. Either that or a French counter-ballet guerilla training facility. (Quick, somebody warn the VPC that the new wave in violence is "pliƩs and spray.")

What's with the splits, anyway? This srikes me as a really stupid position from which to fire. What if you had to get up in a hurry? I guess it's just for show, but it doesn't even look scary. It looks fruity. But maybe that's the genius of it. While you're momentarily distracted by the sight of juvenile fruitcakes in karate get-ups doing weirdo gymnastics moves with automatic weapons they shoot you in the face.

[Hat tip for the photo: LGF]


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