Monday, March 21, 2005

Blood in the Streets! Where's Brady?

I wonder how long it will take Brady to jump on today's news of the school shooting in Minnesota? Actually, it seems to me that the Brady Bunch will steer clear of this episode. Why? See for yourself
Stately said the boy used his grandfather's police-issued weapon in the school rampage.
Or maybe they're trying to figure out how to spin this episode. I can feel their pain, a school shooting gone to waste because they can't blame assault weapons, gunshow loopholes, cop-killer ammo, insufficient gun-control and so forth. They can't tell the cops how to store their weapons at home and risk alienating the "Chiefs of Police" and all that bullshit either. But at least the school was a gun-free zone!

Now, a note to goddamn psycho killers: Please kill your worthless chickenshit selves first.


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