Monday, March 14, 2005

Brits to Register Axes, Coffee Mugs, Pens, and Cat Litter

Via Drudge, it seems that banning guns or anti-social behavior won't prevent some nutjob coming up to you with an axe and taking a few chops at your head. Virtually anything can be used as a weapon, so I suspect the Brits to follow suit with their logic of banning and go for the gusto. Eventually though, they'll have to ban paperwork after the first attack in which someone is smothered under a ton of registration papers. Too bad the victim wasn't armed with a gun. He might still be alive. When faced with an axe, your arms just don't cut the mustard.

(3/15/05) Stickwick's Note: The gruesomeness of this case has bothered me ever since I read it, so I have been staying tuned to latest reports to see what details emerge. Well, Google News is, of course, flooded with stories about this awful occurence, and many of them seem to have the details mixed up. Some reports say the man was beheaded, others say he was nearly beheaded, while others still say that the head was only severely beaten. Stories also can't seem to agree on the victim's age, with some claiming it was 61-years old and others saying 67. This seems sloppy to me. Surely there is a way to verify this information before going to press. Or at the very least journalists ought to insert words like "believed to be" or "details are unclear." Why can't they admit when they don't know something for sure? Do they even care? Grrr!


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