Thursday, March 03, 2005

Face Punching

Tim Lambert over at Deltoid (what is up with that blog name?) advised his readers to avoid a particular website, unless we'd like to see someone punch himself repeatedly in the face. Well, I thought about this for a couple seconds and it turns out there's a whole list of people I'd really enjoy watching punch themselves in the face. Here are my top ten
  1. Jimmy Carter, hands down favorite
  2. Diane Feinstein
  3. George Soros
  4. Sarah Brady
  5. Michael Moore
  6. Barbara Boxer
  7. A bunch of idiots from NY, NJ and MA, too numerous to list by name.
  8. Katie Couric and Paula Zhan, especially if they'd punch each other in the face, which really goes for anyone on the list.
  9. Paul Krugman, except I'd like to punch him in the face myself, which also really goes for anyone on the list.
  10. Hillary Clinton. And here, I'd like to see Bill punch her in the face. Serves her right, stupid broad.
And there it is.

Stickwick's Note: After this and several other pieces of puerile trash, Ted Rall goes on my list.


Blogger Kevin said...

Tim Lambert is a professor of computer engineering (and, I think, mathematics.)

A deltoid is a geometric shape of some mathematical interest that mathematicians weren't able to study in much detail until the advent of computers.

As for Rall, I just want to kick him in the balls.


3/06/2005 7:14 AM  
Blogger carnaby said...

ahhhh. I was thinking inside the box of deltoid as a shoulder muscle.

3/06/2005 3:40 PM  

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