Tuesday, February 22, 2005

No Links, No Nothing, I'm Lazy

It seems that there's a couple things going around about this CNN 50 BMG sniper rifle thing. CNN is guilty either of lying about what they did, that is, deliberately deceiving the public to make a seemingly more sensational story, or their actions amount to a federal felony, although it seems the BATFE might not prosecute because there wasn't any intent.

Well then, either way this pans out pretty well for you and me. First, if CNN's guy is tried and found guilty for lying, then he gets to join Martha making apple pudding in the clink, and second, if it's ok to break a federal law as long as you didn't intend to, well, great, I never liked most of those pesky federal laws anyway. I'll just make sure that I'm totally ignorant of the law from now on, and then how could I possibly intend to break them?

Heh. OK, I lied, there's one link. Damn this linking business.


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