Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bryco / Jennings

Much as I hate to admit it, there really are such things as junk guns. Jennings / Bryco come to mind. I've never held or fired one personally, but the stories on The High Road are illuminating. My favorite is this

anyone know how to feild strip j22?


1. Remove magazine.

2. Make sure the chamber is empty.

3. Lay the gun on a hard flat surface.

4. Smash repeatedly with hammer.

5. Dispose of properly.

Just kidding!

Being new, and asking a question like that here, you're sure to catch more flak from other members as they come along. Jennings isn't exactly the most well-built, quality firearm, but it's better than nothing, I guess.

I'm not really familiar with the J22, but I'd wager that it's built like its other "bargain" counterparts like Lorcin, Bryco and Raven/Phoenix. I've owned one or two of those over the years. Notice I said "owned" - not "shot".

Make sure the gun is unloaded - magazine AND chamber. There should be a round "button" that fits flush in the back of the slide. Push it in with a pencil's eraser or something similar. While pushing, pull up on the back of the slide and ease it forward. Be careful not to lose any springs.


yeah that worked, but parts flew across the room and dirtied the new white couch


I will sell you mine for $30....I was waiting for a local buyback offer, but could use the money now.


anyone know how to feild strip j22?

They usually do that all by themselves after about 12 or 13 rounds

Yeah, sounds like good stuff.

On another note, the unfortunate child who was left paralyzed after being shot by his idiot babysitter, who found one of these pieces of crap after it was left under the couch by his parents, has a website up dedicated to getting rid of junk guns. As long as they're getting rid of real junk like this, I don't mind. But really, the Bryco's design didn't have anything to do with the boy's accident. The same thing would have happened with virtually all semi-auto's carried by police today (Beretta, Glock, Sig, Ruger, etc.). This accident was caused when the babysitter pointed the loaded gun at Brandon Maxfield and pulled the trigger. If the babysitter knew and followed proper gun safety Brandon would never have been shot. It seems that Brandon's website would do more good by calling for proper gun safety education in the public schools. At least the basics of gun safety should be posted on that website.

Update: Hey! Good idea, wait till one of the local government agencies has a stupid gun *buyback*, load up on these cheap pieces of crap, and then unload 'em on the government. Kindof a reverse tax.


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