Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Draft Shmaft

This ridiculous website (and a bunch of my nitwit friends, yes, you are nitwits, and I will win the bet when Bush's term is up in 4 years) think that Bush is going to reinstate the draft. Uh-huh, like, because, that was such a success in Vietnam 'n stuff. The draft would be political suicide, and they know it. Besides, a large conscripted army is pathetic compared to a smaller all-volunteer force. They know this too. The ejoy the draft website points to this article in the Seattle-PI as evidence. Look at what it says, you asswads
Mandatory registration for the draft was suspended in 1975 but was resumed in 1980 by President Carter after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. About 13.5 million men, ages 18 to 25, currently are registered with the Selective Service.
Thanks alot Jimmah, you frickin' asswipe.


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