Wednesday, February 02, 2005

American G.I. (Joe) Captured!

Oh, no! Militants have managed to capture an American G.I. and are about to behead him! According to this MSNBC article
Doubts were also raised about the authenticity of a photograph posted on the Web site, which the militants claimed depicted the kidnapped soldier. A toy manufacturer said the figure in the photo resembled one of its military action figures, originally produced for sale at U.S. bases in Kuwait.


The figure in the photo, who the statement said was named “John Adam,” appeared stiff and expressionless. Liam Cusack, of the toy manufacturer Dragon Models USA Inc., said it bore a striking resemblance to the African-American version of its “Cody” action figure.
"Stiff and expressionless." Apparently John's will has been broken, and he can no longer make use of his karate-chop action.

Not to worry, John. We're sending in this guy to retrieve you

[Militants' credibility: zero; laughingstock index: high.]

UPDATE: Check out the Free Cody Campgain here. We're rootin' for ya, man.


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