Saturday, February 12, 2005

Brady's win Brady Award for Asshatness

Police leaders have joined with the Brady Campaign and Brady Center to sound an alarm to law enforcement professionals around the country about a new handgun available to the general public that is capable of firing bullets through soft police body armor. They are also calling for Congress to take steps to deal with the threat the gun poses.
So I went to their website espousing the urgent need to BAN the FN 5.7 and found their stupid videos.

They really are plain old dumb. Stupid. They pander to the uninformed with a straight face that is hard to believe. After being in the game for this long, they must know that they are dishonest, and simply not care. I guess they could just be ignorant, after all, I've read more than one account of a police officer, on the force for 10 or more years, having less gun aptitude and knowledge than myself, a confirmed gun newbie / novice gun expert. Given their history, I don't think they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, the dumb part is this: they shoot two holes in a kevlar vest, probably class II or something, made to stop normal handgun bullets, with the FN 5.6. Both rounds penetrate the vest . Fine. Then they whip out another pistol (probably 9mm) and put two more rounds in the vest. The vest easily stops the two rounds, as designed . They bonk the vest with two rounds of .40 cal and still no problems. Then they whip out a shotgun and blast the vest, noting that the 9 rounds of buckshot and the big-honkin' slug are stopped by the vest. The video stops here. Where's the comparison to Grand-pappy's .30-06 or .30-30 or .270win or whatever? Of course, that comparison would show that they are full of shit and so it is not included (would a zippy .17 penetrate the vest?).

That's all I've got. Stupid bullshit artists. I didn't see anyone else take this stupid video apart, so someone let me know if there's a better rant. Thanks.

Update: Oh yeah, of course Freedom Sight took apart the Brady wieners way back. It seems the type of ammo available to the public for the FN 5.7 does not pierce level II body armor.


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