Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New AR-15 Upper, Alert Say Uncle!

Apparently there's a new and extra-fancy AR-15 upper almost available from Leitner-Wise. It supposedly eliminates the problem with the exhaust blowing all over the action or whatever. If it's really any good, it'll be my first AR-15 upper, preferably in 6.8 spc, on account of I know nother about the 6.8 spc other than what I've read on the internet, and it sounds pretty good, heh. A good explanation is available here. And here's a pic (not that you can tell)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ArmTech also makes one based on a gas piston instead of a tube which makes the gun more reliable and requires less maintenance. Unfortunately, they have a huge contract with some military folks and aren't selling to civilians due

2/17/2005 5:57 AM  

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