Wednesday, February 23, 2005


1. If we are OK with restrictions on firearm possession by felons, how can we better enforce that without infringing on firearms rights? One possibility would be a designation on a state-issued identification card (eg, driver's license) for felons who are prohibitted from firearms possession. Seller checks buyer's license, and the sale is OK if the license is not marked "FELON"; no restrictions on interstate sales as long as the license is checked. This has the advantage of avoiding the backdoor registration mechanism that the present 4473 + NICS is. Thoughts?

2. Make technical violations of GCA'68 into tickets, paperwork violations with nominal fines, rather than felonies, at least for cases lacking any ill intent. There is no reason to threaten honest citizens with a felony that bars future gun ownership forevermore simply for making an honest mistake. The responsibility for not possessing a firearm needs to rest on the shoulders of the felons themselves, because they will always be able to obtain a firearm by means fair or foul.
I like it. The best aspect of part 1 is that there's no registration. All law-abiding citizens are treated equally and no distinction is made between gun owners and non-gun owners. Perfect. I think the marking indicating FELON ought to be small and inconspicuous, maybe on the back, so that it isn't apparent when the poor bastard is getting ID'd for buying a case of beer.

Further, notice that this would be helpful at the voting booths, to prevent felons from voting where they aren't allowed.

Hat tip Say Uncle, thanks.


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