Tuesday, March 01, 2005


If you're into investing in stocks, I have a couple recommendations, for what it's worth.

First, I recommend Cardio Dynamics, CDIC/Nasdaq. The stock has been flat for the last year or so and is due to grow. The company is doing very well and just reported it's third consecutive year of good revenue growth (over 30%) and profitability. Cardio Dynamics makes non-invasive heart monitoring devices, which, apparently, work pretty well.

Second, and my long time favorite, Pixelworks, PXLW/Nasdaq. Pixelworks has demonstrated strong revenue growth and market penetration since its IPO a few years ago, but the stock has not followed suit. It's been as high as $36, but is currently trading around $10. Pixelworks makes the microprocessors that control your digital flat panel monitors and plasma displays, among other things.

I figure both these stocks are due for a run this year.

Update: So I recommend Cardio Dynamics and the stock goes up 5% in after hours trading, great. But then it drops 18% the next day, grrrrrr. Well, I still recommend it, and now is an even better time to buy. See, I recommend investing, not day trading and all that gambling type crap.


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