Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Trip to the Shootin'-Iron Range

Some buddies and I made a trip to the rifle range to try out my new (used) Winchester 94. My buddies brought a nice little AR15 in 5.56mm and a SAKO Finnbear in 7mm magnum. Needless to say, the trip was a success. See...

Notice the bad technique? I'm a rifle newbie, and I didn't know that it's bad form to place your other hand on the forestock when using a rest. Among the reasons why I like shooting, there's always some old guy around who knows what he's doing and who's keen to tell you when you're doing it wrong. I, for one, am keen to do things right. Anyway... see that ammo on the table? Thirty-three bucks for 20 rounds, yikes. The lowly .30-30 Winchester stuff beside the 7mm mag only ran me about eight bucks. Sheesh.

Ah, and here's my trusty Winchester. I think I shot almost as well with the 1894, iron sights and all, as I did with the Finnbear. I guess the scope comes into play as you get better. Interesting.

And here's a shot downrange at 100yds. Nice range. I think it's linked to on the sidebar as the Kenmore Gun Club. Great outfit.

Of course a trip to the range would not be complete without a few rounds through a black (and green) tool-of-death. The trigger wasn't my favorite, but all-in-all a nice rifle to shoot. The recoil was reminiscent of my old Daisy BB-gun, especially compared to the SAKO. And... in case you want a pronunciation lesson, SAKO is pronounced like TACO, not like CAKE-O, this coming first hand from my Finnish brother in-law.

And, of course, my good buddy lining up the SAKO.

Thus ends my "trip to the range" show-and-tell slide-show. Please remain in your seats till the aisle has cleared.

Stickwick's Note: Here's some trivia for you. "SAKO" is not someone's name, but a Finnish acronym which stands for "Suojeluskuntain Ase-ja Konepaja Osakeyhtiƶ." Everyone catch that? In english: "Finnish National Guard Arms and Engineering Workshop Company."


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