Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Five for Jed

Jed at Freedom Sight enjoys this sort of abuse and Carnaby Fudge abides.

1. Describe your best ever trip to the range.

2. If you had Captain Kirk's Tantalis Field device from the Mirror Mirror episode and you could use it on five people, whom would you be most tempted to use it on?

3. This picture (from one of my dad's books) used to creep me out when I was a little kid. Do you remember anything that creeped you out like that from your early childhood?

4. Fishing or Hunting? Bass or Trout? Deer or Elk?

5. Who the hell is going to win the GOP nomination for president in 2008? What are the odds it will be a RINO like McCain, Giuliani or some other such twit?

And there it is.


Anonymous jed said...

And I answer

3/31/2005 9:15 PM  

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