Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Finnish Government to Finns: Please Work!

When your government has to try to sell you on the idea that the working lifestyle isn't all that bad, things are very, very bad. Take a look at this from a Finnish government website and ponder the fact that this tiny little nation that once beat the living daylights out of the entire Red Army now has to spend untold amounts of money to get Finns off their duffs and back to work.

Yes, folks, it's the Finnish national Veto Programme, designed to "maintain and promote the attractiveness of work and working life. It is a programme for well-being at work and extending working life." (Note: "Veto" in Finnish means "to pull." This is, therefore, a programme to pull people back to work.)

There was a time only a few decades ago when no Finn would be caught dead receiving government assistance. Now it's a bonafide lifestyle for the younger generation, not to mention the vast majority of immigrants. The welfare lifestyle is very attractive to those no longer concerned about the stigma of receiving money for nothing. For instance, it has become customary for many young Finns to "take time off" after school, sign up for welfare, and travel around Europe. And with a 70%+ unemployment rate among immigrants, it would appear they aren't rushing over to Finland in order to find jobs. But, in a way, you can't blame these people. When an authority gives human beings incentive to do absolutely nothing, a lot of them will take it.

However, you'd think Finland's authoritative ninnies would look at, say, New Zealand, which got to the point where for every person working there was someone on the dole -- whereby the whole damned thing collapsed -- and realize that welfarism just doesn't work. But for these dopes, every government-created problem has an even worse government-created solution, which, by definition, must involve as many tax euros as possible. As Carnaby pointed out, look at how many agencies have their finger in the pot...
The main responsibility for the programme will be carried by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Other participants in the programme are the labour market organisations, entrepreneurs' organisations, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Institute for Occupational Health.
Americans, please take note: this is the road to hell.

Note to Finnish government: Would you like to know my guaranteed method to make the working lifestyle look attractive? Here it is: Make the alternatives worse, not better. Now, gimme my consulting fee.

[Oh, this reminds me. I haven't written anything in a long time about what's happening with hubby's sister in Finland. The reason is, we have heard absolutely nothing. It's not looking hopeful.]


Anonymous Rusticus said...

Go Socialism!

I get nervous thinking that a whole chunk of Europe is going collapse under their governments weight, and the void will quickly be filled with a more agressive culture, like the Muslims or Chinese.


5/12/2005 7:36 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Yes, humanist Europe will collapse unless things reverse pronto, which is not likely. The humanist dogma is so ingrained in Europeans that it precludes self-preservation. Europe, therefore, deserves to collapse. Muslims are already taking over Europe, and they'll turn it into an even more nightmarish place once Europeans have destroyed themselves.

I'm going to Holland in a few months for a conference -- I've been reading about the huge numbers of Dutch who are leaving their homeland because the famous Dutch tolerance has allowed immigration to make life there INtolerable. It'll be interesting to see what's going on first-hand.

As for China, watch out. They are the up-and-coming great culture vying for world power.

5/12/2005 9:45 AM  

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