Thursday, May 12, 2005

Carnaby Conquers Canada

I took the family to Canada last weekend, Grand Forks B.C. to be exact. We went to visit my wife's mom and step-dad. Pretty fun trip, except I had to leave the guns at home. Almost hit a deer just before the border -- it would have been fun putting an injured deer out of its misery without a firearm. The neighbor was a veteran RCMP officer who carried a S&W 9mm and black talons, whoppy doo.

Anyway, not to be completely thwarted by Canada's crappy gun laws (and just so you know, my Beretta is a "restricted" weapon in Canuckistan, meaning you can own one but you have to jump through lots of extra hoops and you MAY NOT carry it for self defense. My Kimber on the other hand is a "prohibited" weapon and may not be posessed by any civilians, on account of it has a barrel shorter than 4.1") um, continuing from the first sentence... not to be thwarted, I did manage to get the boy out for some BB-gun shooting with his great-grandpa's Red Ryder ("you'll shoot your eye out!")

and I finally managed to get the new (used) Explorer out in the dirt. That hill is a lot steeper than it looks.

Then upon returning home, I promptly armed myself, Kimber Ultra Carry II, 7+1 .45acp, extra mag, and zoomed to the Kenmore Gun Club for some range time with the Winchester 1894.

See there, I listened to the old guy giving free advice last time I was at the range (and out of ammo) and put his instruction to good use. My first target of the day (not shown) has holes all over the place. But I dialed the Winchester and myself in and put 7 of 8 on the black at 100 yards. I'm pretty happy with that. Come October, Washington State deer had better look out! *Ahhhh* it's good to be back in America.


Blogger Lahge said...

Nice blasting - is that a REAL Red Ryder? I thought that was just something they made up...

5/16/2005 4:36 PM  

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