Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Teh Library Funny

Well, I'm sitting in my neighborhood Seattle Public Library, which has excellent free wifi btw, and I am experiencing something funny. I experienced this same phenomenon the last time I was here. Right next to the table I'm sitting at are two "study rooms." The problem with these "study rooms" is that they give the inhabitants the false impression that they are in an enclosed room, when, in fact, they are not. The rooms are enclosed on all sides by walls, but are entirely open above. The walls are mostly glass too, so there is only a very thin veneer of privacy afforded by these rooms. I wonder who designed this layout?

Anyway, this false sense of enclosure leads to private conversations that can be very easily heard and understood throughout the entire library, and therein lies the humor. I'm contemplating going up to the wall, which is almost entirely glass, to hold up a sign that reads "Look Up!" I'm waiting for the young man and woman in the room to converse about something personal and somewhat embarrassing before embarking on my mission.

Either way, it's dern amusing.


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