Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Big Trip: Oregon

Nice, easy drive up I-5 from Santa Cruz to southern Oregon. Things were slowed down because of a big brush fire near Redding, CA, that came all the way to the freeway. There were at least two water bomber airplanes and two helicopters to deal with it, plus a lot of men on the ground. Pretty neat to watch. The drive along I-5 is boring until you get past Redding and start heading up the mountain pass. It's so incredibly dry here right now that the lakes are drained halfway down and there is hardly any snow on Mt. Shasta (not sure if that's because of the lack of precipitation or the heat). But the pass is still gorgeous, and I'd forgotten how pleasant southern Oregon is. But it's dry. Holy moly, is it dry.

Today is the final leg of the journey. Hopefully I make it to Seattle by late evening, and then I spend most of the week there. I'll drop off my .45 with carnaby and head up to Vancouver on Friday.


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