Monday, July 23, 2007

Yet Another Ego Post

In case you don't already know more about your bloggerette than you want to. Uncle has tagged everyone for an "eight habits or eight facts about yourself" meme...
  1. I don't go to the range very often, but I keep buying guns. I have nine so far. Two still haven't been used.
  2. I held five powerlifting records in Canada as a "junior" competitor (under the age of 23). I think those records still stand.
  3. I had a pet python when I was in high school. His name was Ecthelion. I couldn't bring myself to feed him live food, so I'd use chopsticks to shove raw meat and vitamins down his throat. He terrorized my family by escaping from his terrarium multiple times. I gave him away to a good home when I went to college.
  4. I am a night owl, but I get that seasonal depressive thingie if I don't get enough sunlight.
  5. I am the only person in the whole world with my first and last name. My last name is very old and legally protected in Scandinavia, which means you can only acquire it through birth, marriage, or by gaining the permission of every single living person with this last name. I did the second option. My first name isn't all that popular in Scandinavia*.
  6. I am related to the Swedish royal family by marriage.
  7. I sing very loudly to my cats every day. (They're so cute when their eyes get big and their ears go back.)
  8. I do almost all of my reading in the bathtub or in bed.
We're supposed to tag eight people for this, but I'm lazy so I pick carnaby, Kevin at TSM (when he gets back from Bagdad), and Rusticus at Solarvoid.

[* OK, nevermind, turns out my first name is popular in Sweden. It's in the top 100, tho' spelled a bit differently. But nobody with that first name has my last name. So whoop dee do!]


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