Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Big Trip: Wyoming

I spent a lovely couple of days in northeastern Oregon visiting my aunt and uncle, and headed out for Wyoming yesterday morning. Made it to Evanston last night, and hoped to make it to Stratton, CO this evening, but in the middle of Wyoming my car started acting funny: I couldn't go above 65 mph without the car shuddering like crazy. Well, it was a good thing. I found a tire shop in Laramie wherein I discovered that the tread on my tires is almost gone (I just don't pay attention to stuff like that) and one of my wheels is bent. I could have had a major blow-out on the freeway. As it is, I'm only mildly inconvenienced instead of God only knows what.

So here I am stuck in Laramie until tomorrow afternoon when my car becomes road-worthy. Except for the UW part of town, Laramie's pretty rough looking. The semester must be starting soon, because I couldn't find a room at the only nice hotel in town. I ended up at a kitschy sort of place on the main drag for a not-bad price. No TV, but I can pass the time watching Simpsons DVDs on the laptop (life is rough).

Wyoming is a Gold Star open carry state, so I've had my trusty Springfield .45 next to my seat in the car. Colorado (minus Denver) is also open carry. Kansas is iffy -- it goes by region, and I don't want to bother looking up where I can carry and where I can't; plus, Oklahoma won't let me carry, so in the trunk goes Mr. Springy at the KS state line. Hopefully I'll be in Salina, KS this time tomorrow night, and back home in Texas by Saturday night.

P.S. I nominate Wyoming for most boring state to drive through. But maybe Kansas will top it.


Blogger carnaby said...

you obviously missed some of the nicer places.

8/24/2007 9:47 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Well, to be fair, most states don't look their best from the interstate. And once I got east of Laramie the view got better. But, yeah, up in the northwest part of Wyoming I guess it's really pretty.

Kansas, on the other hand... bleh. At least the character of the ugliness along I-80 changes -- Kansas, along I-70, is exactly the same for mile after mile after boring mile.

8/24/2007 9:55 PM  

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