Monday, September 11, 2006

Forgetting 9/11

I used to like Will Smith. Now I like him even more. I'm looking forward to that one.

This is a very interesting read. It's about some of the last people to make it out of the WTC on 9/11. They were in the North Tower on the 91st floor, just below where the plane hit.
Still covered in ash and dust, he started walking across town. “It was a lunchtime crowd on 23rd St. People were sipping cokes, talking on their cell phones. It was complete normalcy. I can’t tell you how weird it was. I went into a deli and stood in line for a glass of water. I stood in line! A man came round from behind the counter. He gave me two bottles of water. But I realized he just wanted me out of the store. In all that time, only one person asked if I needed help. One person! I got a glimpse of what it means to be a refugee or a homeless person. I was transparent.” He recalls with a hollow laugh pressing himself up against a building in fear as an F16 fighter plane flew low overhead, the lunchtime crowd walking on oblivious.
New Yorkers, go figure.


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