Tuesday, September 26, 2006

1911's Inside Out

Got a new 1911 on Saturday. I ordered it in February and it finally arrived. It's the Springfield "Tactical" Combat Black Stainless. The trigger is a bit crusty feeling and substantially heavier than on my TRP, so I went to The High Road Consolidated 1911 Thread page to have a look at what to do. Turns out that completely dissasembling a 1911 frame is quick and easy and all you need is a hammer and an AR-15 firing pin to do the job. Let's begin There they are, ready to go. The black stainless is already stripped down except for the trigger/hammer assembly. I ended up looking for those parts for half an hour and then realized they were still on the gun, duh. Now, take off the grips on the TRP Rubber band on the grip safety, ILS retaining pin in, and knock out the mainspring housing pin with an AR-15 firing pin Mainspring housing out Now all the little bits come out easily: hammer, grip safety, sear, disconnector, mag release and finally the trigger And here's the whole happy mess from both guns The whole experience was just that much happier on account of "The Unit" playing on CBS And here's the little bits from top to bottom: disconector, sear, hammers. The TRP parts are on the left while the black stainless parts re on the right. Not a whole lot of difference, except the TRP hammer has one less hook thingy on it, and the TRP sear is a little fancier. Voila!


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What did you do with the extra pieces? You know, the ones that are always left over after a project?

10/02/2006 8:35 AM  

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