Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Range Report

Took the new Kimber Ultra Carry to the range this evening:
The picture on the left is 14 rounds of both S&B and Federal 230gn. ball ammo at 25 feet. On the right we have 21 rounds of the same stuff at about 40 feet. All shooting was done standing with a typical two-hand grip. Also shot 10 rounds of 230gn. Remington Golden Saber, worked perfectly. Not bad, not bad.

Needless to say, I'm very happy with the pistol. Score: Carnaby 1, Brady dips 0.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

BAG One for Carnaby

So I managed to get a nice pistol for BAG day, hooray! Here's a shot of the little devil

Yep, that's a Kimber Ultra Carry all right. Range report to follow, as soon as I get out there and break in the gun.

Monday, April 18, 2005


I'm still pretty busy at work, but every now and then something strikes me as worth commenting on. Like this.

Is it just me, or is spam getting weirder all the time?
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 21:19:47 -0500
From: Uranus Hairston
To: Ove Barker
Subject: Re: VALLlUM Ci-alis VlAGRA


already - and without consulting me?
sugar plantations from sunrise to sunset, and if their labours
him. I have never deemed Barbados the earthly mirror of heaven,
in scorn. I take it, Mr. Pollexfen, that the wicked treason of
But this apparent respect for the persons and property of the

Lord Julian abandoned the struggle. He smiled wearily, shrugged,

surprise at the buccaneer leader, whilst the Baron challengingly
came into an inheritance of some few hundred pounds, with which h
he beat the time of his words. Know, friend, that there is no
said, with less than her earlier assurance.

Have a nice day.
That's it. If I ever get around to writing my sci-fi novel, I am going to name one of the characters "Uranus Hairston." You heard it here first. I might even take "Ove Barker" as my nom de plume. Anyway, it's nice that spam has progressed from this
Full & stable erections
Prolonged effect
No prescription asked

2 popular medicines:
Viagra -
Cialis -

Directly from the manufacturer!
to something more erudite and entertaining (the above text is from Captain Blood of all things), but what this has to do with Viagra, I'm not sure. Did spammers get together and hire a focus group to tell them that people who want prolonged, full, and stable erections (so what the heck is an unstable erection?!? don't tell me) also appreciate being able to catch up on a little leisurely reading while they're shopping for "pills of love"? The mind boggles.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rambo Meets the Karate Kid?

This photo seems to show two adolescents training at the Jean Claude Van Damme School of Frivolous Combat Techniques. Either that or a French counter-ballet guerilla training facility. (Quick, somebody warn the VPC that the new wave in violence is "pliƩs and spray.")

What's with the splits, anyway? This srikes me as a really stupid position from which to fire. What if you had to get up in a hurry? I guess it's just for show, but it doesn't even look scary. It looks fruity. But maybe that's the genius of it. While you're momentarily distracted by the sight of juvenile fruitcakes in karate get-ups doing weirdo gymnastics moves with automatic weapons they shoot you in the face.

[Hat tip for the photo: LGF]

Monday, April 04, 2005

I was going to post about BBQ ribs

So here they are and yes, they were as good as they look. Cooked on the grill wrapped in foil for 2 hours at about 250F, rubbed 24 hours in advance with the rub from Steven Raichlen's book. Finally, topped of with some of my favorite, Stubb's BBQ sauce.

Now to the real topic. I'm laughing that there is any shock at the latest Canadian political scandal. See here. This has been brewing for a long time. The Liberal government has had at least a couple scandals that just fizzled (the "lost" $2 billion and the gun registry), so it's not surprising that they finally bit off more than they could chew. That's Canadian politics... scandal, ho-hum electorate, further abuse totally ignored by the citizens, finally a huge scandal.

The only thing the Canadian electorate gets excited about is any mention of change to their "one tier health care." I like that one the best. I've posted other examples of how crappy that thing is here somewhere before. Now a new one... my wife's step-mom's mother is due for cataract surgery to replace a lens in her eye. She is going to have both eyes done, 3 months apart to make sure the first one takes before doing the second. That's fine. Now, she's had a couple fainting spells and needs to have an EKG to make sure her heart is OK, but she has to WAIT (like all good Canadians) for 6 months! Could she have a major problem? Yes! Could she die of a treatable condition while she waits? Yes! What kind of bullshit is this? It's the super-wonderful Canadian health care system, where private care is ILLEGAL, no kidding.

I don't know how I got onto this, or where it's going... oh yeah, Canada sucks and I'm not going back. Not until I can get a CCW, they reverse the severe tax and spend crap, and nix the "universal health care system." Then maybe.