Thursday, September 01, 2005

Quote of the Day

Lileks on who is helping Katrina victims and who isn't
FEMA’s list of charities is here. Note anything about what sort of organizations are doing the hard work? I keep looking for the Objectivist Mutual Aid Society, but it never pops up. Last time I checked the French weren’t helping much, either – odd. The one place in the country where their guys could read the signs, and they don’t bother to pitch in.
Reminds me of an Objectivist superhero I saw somewhere -- this guy in tights flies around the city approaching people in distress only to tell them to help their own damn selves. Howard Roark may be one of the all-time great fictional characters, but for all its pontificating, has Objectivism actually done anything to advance humanity? Not that I can tell. One of the reasons I turned in my Objectivist card and became a Christian.

Randians and Frenchies notwithstanding, there appear to be several worthy charities out there doing their darndest to help Katrina's victims. I recommend the Salvation Army. As their website says, a $100 donation will feed a family of four for two days, provide two cases of drinking water and one household clean-up kit, containing brooms, mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies. If you can, please give.


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