Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Things You Never Knew About Stickwick...

... and were afraid to ask. I'm really busy at work these days, so this is what passes for substance. Enjoy!

... am married to a crazy Finn.
... want to have at least two children in the near future.
... skipped the ninth grade.
... dropped out of high school for two years, because I hated school so much.
... went back to high school and graduated from the International Baccalaureate program (kind of like AP meets the UN).
... consider Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Empire Strikes Back to be two of the greatest movies ever made.
... wanted to join the Marine Corps, but was disqualified for extremely bad eyesight.
... have degrees in physics, math, and astronomy.
... have no tattoos or body piercings.
... was raised by socialists. My dad worked for Bobby Kennedy.
... am hypoglycemic. If I don't eat every few hours, I get crazy.
... had a happy childhood.
... am not registered with any political party, but I vote Republican.
... am Lutheran.
... am very fond of animals, especially cats.
... wear sandals and slip-ons year round, because lace-up shoes make me feel claustrophobic.
... failed my driver's license exam the first time.
... have only had one speeding ticket.
... was a competitive powerlifter in Canada, and hold five provincial records.
... like to paint and draw. I have sold a few pieces over the years, and did some design work for a major toy corporation.
... do not smoke or use drugs/medications of any kind.
... drink decaf.
... am a Tolkien fanatic.
... know a lot of insults/bad words in Finnish.
... know a few insults in Laotian.
... know a few insults in Japanese.
... read trashy celeb gossip magazines on a regular basis.
... have not had a telephone land line for three and a half years. Hooray cell phones!
... have not had cable television for eight years. Hooray cheap DVDs!
... am afraid of the dark, but I like the night.
... am the only person in the whole world with my name (my married name).
... own an acre of land on the Moon.

Carnaby Intervenes:

...our parents were socialists. Our mother voted for Bush after her last tax return (before Bush-Gore in 2000). Our father is now a rabid capitalist.

[Very true. The woman who voted for Mondale in '84 told me I was out of the will if I didn't vote for Bush in 2000. (R.I.P. Ma.) As for Dad, it didn't take much to snap him out of socialism. Winston Churchill was right. -Ed]

...I also failed my first drivers test when I ran a red light.

[Ha, I remember that. With me it was a stupid pedestrian. I thought he was going to cross, but he stepped back. I started to go, he stepped out again, etc. -Ed]

...I also have no cable TV. Rabbit ears do just fine.

[Same. The only thing we watch on the boob tube is Conan O'Brien. -Ed]

...Stickwick's cell phone sucks: "I was ju.. gklj... djfk... *beeeeeep* .. *click*" etc.

[Thbbpppttt. -Ed]


Anonymous Rusticus said...

Woohoo! Fluff piece! Thanks for sharing.

An acre of the Moon? Wow, how did you get that?

8/10/2005 9:04 AM  

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