Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why Did My Mom Get Liver Cancer But Teddy Kennedy Still Lives?

Yeah, Teddy, why is that? And why are you still spouting this drivel (paraphrased at The High Road):
It's preposterous to call this bill Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. If we were honest, we'd call it Protection of Unlawful commerce. It's blatant special interest bill protecting those who would supply arms to criminals and terrorists. It's difficult to believe that the Bush Admin would push aside major Def bill for this. Bush called for clean bill, without AWB, etc. Instead of considering this, we should be considering the regulation of .50 cal rifles. These guns can shoot down airplanes, and penetrate several inches of steel. In ‘95, Rand Corp IDed these rifles as serious threat. Snipers love them. A study by Dept Homeland IDed these weapon as serious threat to aviation. Mfgs advertise these guns as capable to destroying multi-mil aircraft. Every round sold threatens our troops. Instead, we are guaranteeing those who sell these guns will not be held liable. The NRA could care less they are interrupting the Def bill. They're willing to let mfgs and dealers put powerful killing machines in the hands of terrorists and criminals. Bush and Repubs will do what it takes to give NRA what it wants. For years courts have been the only place where negligent and conspiring dealers can be challenged.
Speaking of powerful killing machines, Teddy, how about your car?

Now shut your fat face. Asshole.


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