Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gun Safety Education Pays Off

And it was, more or less, reported well. Komo4.com has the scoop. Way to go, boys. I teach my kids to do the exact same thing. And take that, Brady idiots!

Update: King5 covers it too. More or less the same, except Komo4 says the gun was a 9mm and was "missing the safety mechanism," while King5 has that it was a 22 and "did not have a safety lock."

Also, how about this from the King5 piece:
Authorities do not yet know how the gun got there. The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office hopes to find some answers by tracking down the gun's registered owner.
Yeah, um, like, we don't register our guns in Washington State, much as you might like to believe otherwise. Sheesh.

Update 2: The Komo4 TV report explained that the gun was a Kel-tec "like the one shown here," at which point they flashed an image of a Kimber Target Eclipse II in a Kydex holster. Oh brother.


Blogger Rusticus said...

I may be reading too much into this, but it seems that two grade school boys handled the situation better than the adults?

Kids: One got a teacher, the other stood guard.

Adults: All a-twitter.
"It was actually pretty frightening."
Holophobe much?

"To see a real metal gun out there"
Instead a real plastic one?

"'...[Y]our son found a gun.' I had to sit down."
Holophobe, much, again?

As to media bias and ignorance, was it a 9mm or a .22? I can understand the teacher not being able to tell the difference, but the reporters talked to the reps from the Sheriff's Department. Surely one of the drooling morons could have asked about the pistol's caliber.

"...[L]oaded and missing the safety mechanism."
*blinks* What they don't say is if a round was chambered (I assume not, or they'd say something) or if the safety was engaged or not. Or if the the reports knew what a safety even was!

"Missing" implies a defect, like a car missing a steering wheel, but 'safety mechanism[s]' for guns are aftermarket parts; even if they are shipped with the gun, you put them on yourself, or not. By using the wrong term it makes it sound all them more dangerous. Loaded and defective! Egads, the gun could have started shooting children on a mad rampage!

I pull out my guns and show my girls ever so often and tell them never, ever to touch without an adult, me, around. And to never touch a gun the find, but to get an adult.

Nice to see that this teaching can stick with kids!

9/14/2005 8:21 AM  

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