Thursday, July 17, 2008


More good news coming out of Iraq, with reports of violence significantly down

Instead of facing gunfire and roadside bombs, the soldiers’ armored Humvees are chased by waving children as they weave through streets crowded with pedestrians out to shop or just to stroll.
The first thing I thought (after hooray!) was how the hate-Bush/hate-America types were going to put a negative spin on this. Turns out not to be that difficult. Later in the article
To while away the time, the young soldier from Omaha, Nebraska, talks of his brother, who is fighting the Taliban in the mountains outside Kandahar city in southern Afghanistan. “He spends 20 days at a time camped out in the mountains, and the Taliban come engage them in serious firefights,” said Gebhart. “At least it sounds exciting.”
Just access that hate-nodule in your heart, suspend all reason, and come up with

Bloodthirsty U.S. Soldiers Frustrated by Peace, Crave More Violence


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