Friday, November 30, 2007

Light Posting

Just to let y'all know, we haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Carnaby is his usual busy self, with family and work and all. I've been super-busy with job interviews, evening lectures, end of semester paperwork, and, lately, a nasty stomach bug that has persisted for almost two weeks.

Incidentally, I got a job. As of January I'm part-time faculty in the physics department of a nice liberal arts university about 30 miles from here. If all goes well I'll become full-time faculty in the fall, after I officially graduate. "Professor Stapers," heh... :-P

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Truth Hurts Like a Good Spanking

Two days ago, on November 4, 2007, The Real Gun Guys Posted The Journalist's Guide to Gun Violence Coverage. Two days later, on November 6, 2007, publishd on the front page of their website Cops find themselves in arms race with criminals. Let's have a rundown:


The first principle to remember is that subtle use of terminology can covertly influence the reader. Adjectives should be chosen for maximum anti-gun effect. When describing a gun, attach terms like "automatic," "semi-automatic," "large caliber," "deadly," "high powered," or "powerful". Almost any gun can be described by one or more of these terms. More than two guns should be called an "arsenal".

Try to include the term "assault weapon" if at all possible. This can be combined with any of the terms above for best results. Nobody actually knows what an assault weapon is, so you cannot be criticized for this usage. Your local anti-gun organization can provide you with a list of the latest buzz words like "junk guns," "Saturday Night Specials," and "the criminal’s weapon of choice".

Designed to be fired from the hip, assault rifles such as the AK-47 can spray at a rate of up to 600 rounds a minute in full automatic mode. It is the weapon of choice for guerillas and gangsters.

There's no doubt that urban street warfare, aided by a proliferation of cheap automatic weapons, has come even to Palm Beach County, once high society's vacation mecca and a retirement destination for northern snowbirds.

"They don't have .38s anymore. They have AK-47s. ...They have automatic weapons now," said Sgt. Pfeil.

The Miami Police Department said 15 of its 79 homicides last year involved assault weapons, up from the year before. So far this year, 12 of 60 killings have involved the high-powered arms.
Score: RGG 4, CNN 0.


Whenever drug dealers are arrested, guns are usually confiscated by the police. Mention the type and number of guns more prominently than the type and quantity of drugs.

The Miami police department evidence room has seized AK-47s, AR-15s and an assortment of other automatic and semiautomatic weapons piled on shelves from floor to ceiling.
Score: RGG 5, CNN 0


Never question the effectiveness of gun control laws or proposals. Guns are evil and kill people. Removing guns from society can only be good.

Chief Timoney says he started noticing an increase since the federal assault weapon ban lapsed in 2004. Since then, he says homicides in the city of Miami involving assault weapons have been up -- 18 percent last year and 20 percent this year.
Score: RGG 6, CNN 0.


Little space should be devoted to shootings where criminals kill each other. Although these deaths greatly inflate the annual gun violence numbers, they distract from the basic mission of urging law abiding citizens to give up their guns. Do not dig too deeply into the reasons behind shootings. The fact that a gun was involved is the major point, unless someone under 18 is affected, in which case the child angle is now of equal importance.

Score: RGG 7, CNN 0.

Any article about gun violence should include quotes from anti-gun organizations or politicians. One quote should say that we must do something "for the children". Anti-gun spokespersons should be called "activists" or "advocates". If your employer wishes to appear unbiased, you can include one token quote from a gun lobby group to show that you are being fair. The anti-gun statements should be accepted as fact.

Across the country, at least 62 police officers have been gunned down this year -- a record pace, said Robert Tessaro, the associate director for law enforcement relations for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
Score: RGG 8, CNN 0.

So the Real Gun Guys have routed CNN. Not to mention the outright lies told by CNN. Let's make a note:

"It's not nice we have to arm ourselves like the soldiers in Iraq," said Sgt. Laurie Pfeil, who supervises a sheriff's road patrol in Palm Beach County and is now certified to carry a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle on the job. It's the civilian version of the military's M-16 used by U.S. soldiers in Iraq.
Maybe not a lie, but not exactly true. They have a picture with a similar caption, and the rifle shown in the caption is the civilian version of the M4, not the M16.

Designed to be fired from the hip, assault rifles such as the AK-47 can spray at a rate of up to 600 rounds a minute in full automatic mode. It is the weapon of choice for guerillas and gangsters.
ASSAULT RIFLES ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE FIRED FROM THE HIP! ARGH! See my own post on the subject from some time ago. And there's the obfuscation of fully automatic rifles, which are not common among America's criminals.

Cops prefer to squeeze off single shots in semiautomatic mode because it makes for more accurate shooting. Some semiautomatic weapon's can fire with pinpoint accuracy from as far as 100 yards away.
But... but... I thought they were designed to be spray fired from the hip? And they can't even get the booga booga facts right. Those AR's can fire accurately past 300 yards or more, depending on the skill level of the rifleman.

"They don't have .38s anymore. They have AK-47s. ...They have automatic weapons now," said Sgt. Pfeil.
You know, it seems to me that they've lost the latest "assault weapons" battles, so to speak, and they're counter-attacking with the same crap they used in the '90s to get the ball rolling in the first place. The real clincher that they ARE ALL FULL OF SHIT is this:

He lays the blame squarely on lawmakers who allowed the assault weapons ban to expire in 2004.
Read my lips: THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! How can the lifting of a ban on features such as bayonet mounts, flash suppressors (but not muzzle breaks), grenade launchers (WWII variety) and the like have POSSIBLY MADE ANY DIFFERENCE? Look at the graphic below:

Illegal "Assault Weapon" during the "ban"

Legal "Assault Weapon" during the "ban"

CNN, grow up, grow some balls, and try to be honest in the future.


So we have this report that Israeli police posed as journalists in order to nab a bad guy:
Israeli police posed as a TV news crew to trap a one-time Palestinian informer, provoking an outcry from critics who said the sting threatened to put the lives of newspeople at risk.
Are you kidding me?!? The same journalist who put pretty much EVERYONE at risk with their leaked documents and "anything to get a story" ethics. Boo-frickin'-hoo.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Additions to the Sidebar

Soldiers' Angels

Soldiers' Angels is one of the best military charities out there. Hubby and I joined up a couple of years ago through their "Adopt a Soldier" program, and not only is it one of the best things you can do for military personnel overseas, it's very rewarding. You can adopt a soldier/sailor/airman/marine and send him/her letters and packages, or if you're not much of a letter-writer, you can donate towards SA's efforts. Very worthwhile.

Fred Thompson

Carnaby and I have finally found a candidate we can really get behind. We've held back a bit to see how things would shake out, but one candidate for the Republican ticket stands out: Fred Thompson.

How does Fred measure up on our key issues?

National security: Aggressive stance against terrorism, and expansion of the military. Check!

Second amendment: Big supporter of gun rights, and for the right reasons. Also tough on crime. Check!

Taxes: "Dissolution of the IRS as we know it." (Heart-stoppage!!) Check!

We more or less agree with Fred on other major issues, as well: government effectiveness, healthcare, immigration, etc. which is icing on the cake. Welcome Fred to the Fudge side bar, please visit his website, and if you like what you see, sign up and throw in a donation.

Go, Fred, Go!

Domestic Dispute

This being a gun-blog (most of the time) it won't shock my readers to know that I enjoy collecting firearms and shooting them at the range, especially in the company of my expert husband. But, much to the consternation of said husband, two things have been preventing me from getting excited about acquiring new pieces and hitting the range:

  1. I hate, hate, hate cleaning firearms. Carnaby actually finds it to be kind of a relaxing zen thing, parking himself in front of the TV and cleaning away. My husband is a former soldier, so he does it in the garage without complaining, whether he likes it or not. But I hate it, to the point that I haven't gone to the range in months because I don't want to deal with the mess afterward. Part of it is that I am not mechanically inclined: I don't like taking things apart and putting them back together. But I also despise getting my hands dirty. I'm not a germophobe or anything, I just hate having goop on my hands. My husband and I have engaged in a friendly argument over who should clean the weapons: I tried the "chivalry" tactic (the man should clean them, "just because"), but he is annoyingly egalitarian in this respect and says that whoever shoots 'em cleans 'em.

  2. I enjoy mostly quick trips to the range where we spend an hour or so putting a few boxes of rounds through two or three weapons and then go home. My husband almost always wants to stay at the range for hours and hours and shoot hundreds of rounds through everything in our arsenal. I get tired after a while and end up in the clubhouse chatting with the range owners or else sitting in the car sleeping/reading until the sun goes down and hubby is done. I want him to have fun, but this is not my ideal way to spend a Saturday.
I do want to go back to the range and get excited about new purchases, so I'll pose these questions to our readers and present any answers to my dear husband for his consideration:

  1. If your wife would gladly go to the range with you if only you would: a) clean the weapons afterward, and b) keep the trip reasonably short, would you acquiesce? Perhaps some of you would say "just leave the complaining tart at home," but my husband and I really enjoy doing this together, thus the need for a resolution of some kind.

  2. If she abhorred the idea of cleaning the weapons, what would you consider reasonable compensation for you doing it all yourself? I'm looking for gun-related solutions, so, please, no comments about serving dinner naked that night, etc. :-P Or is it an unwritten law of recreational shooting that she who shoots the weapons cleans the weapons? i.e. am I being completely unreasonable?
Looking forward to your comments, and I'll post an update if we find solutions that work.

Update: Talked to my husband, and he is willing to clean the weapons and keep most of the range trips short. It seems he was just arguing the principle, i.e. what a man thinks he should have to do and what he is willing to do (for his wife) are two different things. :-)