Friday, February 02, 2007

How to Present an "Assault Weapons" "Ban"?


How exactly do you refer to this nonsense? The weapons in question are "Assault Weapons." This is complicated by the fact that the ban is really a "ban" in name only, but not in outcome. The problem, then, is that writing "assault weapons" "ban" is ungainly, but the simplification "assault weapons ban" doesn't capture the full and independent phoniness of the two terms.

So how are we to proceed? To improve matters, I suggest we keep "assault weapons" in quotes, and then modify "ban" with something like "phony," or maybe "pretend." So that leaves us with "assault weapons" phony ban. Yuck.

New approach. We replace the word "ban" with something better. From, we have the following synonyms: boycott, censorship, embargo, injunction, interdiction, limitation, no-no*, prohibition, proscription, refusal, restriction, stoppage, suppression, taboo.

And there you have it. The "assault weapons" no-no.

Or if we take it a step farther, we can use the phrase, I think coined by the Uncle, and call it the "no-no on weapons that look like assault weapons". I think that captures the nany-state feel of the legislation perfectly.


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