Friday, January 12, 2007

Bubba Gun Culture

Kevin links to this piece on what it's like to take a CCW (concealed carry weapons) permit class in Kentucky. Turns out everyone in the class but the author was a southern GOP bubba, and they used the word nigger. Twice. I wonder if any of that's true, he has no evidence, so I'll have to take his word for it.

In Washington State where your humble author resides, there is no requirement to take a class in order to obtain your CPL (concealed pistol license). I took a gun safety class anyway a few years ago when I'd just moved here from Canada and renewed my interest in firearms. My class was hosted in the Seattle (former) suburb of Bellevue at Wade's Guns.

This class was very well taught by an instructor who specializes in not only gun safety, but competitive pistol sports and self defense. He had no mullet, but did have a mustache. He never once mentioned politics. Two of the persons attending the class were women, and rather petite at that. The four men in the class besides myself were more or less ordinary, three were white and one was Asian (to be honest, this was years ago and I think there were four men and one was Asian, but I don't really recall), but one was kindof a dumbass (this one I won't forget, ever) and confided in me, with a big grin, that he and his buddies had shot a hole in their ceiling the other night while goofing around with a pistol that one of them possessed. That was NOT encouraging, and did give me pause to consider that some people ought not to own firearms. The problem is how to decide who those people are. Needless to say, in general, I am not qualified to make that decision.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the class... since it seems to be important, I'll relate that while most of us there were white, nobody used the word "nigger," not even twice (in fact, the ONLY times I've heard the word spoken in public where by black men as part of a greeting to other black men). Two of the guys who run the range appear (they still run the range and still appear) to be of Asian descent though, so maybe someone there was thinking about "chinks," but was too distracted by the women in attendance to say the GOP associated bad word. When we finally went to the range, it was a smidge dissapointing, as we got a whopping five rounds in a .38 special, and another seven rounds in a 9mm Glock (barf, I hate Glocks, but that's for another time...). I rectified that situation in my next range trip when I had finally gotten my Beretta 96 and a thousand rounds of Miwall Reloads.

The last thing I have to relate was that the especially petite dark haired woman reminded me of McCall from TV's "Hunter." She even did the gun up and out thing with the revolver which got a couple smiles from the instructor and your humble narrator. Heh.

Anyway, it was a good experience, I found out that guns are waaaaayyyy louder in real life, especially indoors, than on Teevee, and I got to take a class from a guy who was almost neurotic about checking the chamber or cylinder of a handgun to make sure it wasn't loaded. That was a good habit that I learned from him. He was also neurotic about muzzle control, as in being sure not to point the gun at anyone. Also excellent. I've been around folks with especially poor muzzle control, and it is frightening. I did speak up and rectify, I hope, those situations, as any good gun nut should do.


Blogger H. Lewis Smith said...


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1/12/2007 6:36 PM  
Blogger Rusticus said...

Carnaby, you... you racist!

Telling quote : "I hate Glocks"

What other than plastic tupperware bigot would say such things, I ask you! :)

Funny, me thinks if the author of the article Kevin linked to had gone in with an open mind, it would have been a better experience.

And, like I commented on Kevin's site, there is no way this guy was a real Buddhist.

Thanks for relating a positive, and ordinary, experience!

1/14/2007 7:21 AM  
Blogger Firehand said...

Used to be a gentleman named Dan Combs who was the firearms trainer for OK Highway Patrol.
Dad had always been picky about 'check it for loaded', and I did pay attention(honest!) Then one day I got to see the program Capt. Combs put on, lots of fast & fancy shooting, and I noticed that while he was talking about things, every so often he'd pop out the pistol, open the cylinder to check, then back in the holster. Not making a point, but when practicing or doing a program he ALWAYS kept checking. Just to be sure.

Made an impression on me.

2/01/2007 12:53 PM  

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