Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Via KOMO4 News
Parents of the man most seriously wounded in a shooting rampage at a shopping mall said Tuesday that he drew a pistol and confronted the gunman before being shot.

Brendan "Dan" McKown, 38, was hit twice in the abdomen on Sunday, when a gunman opened fire on crowds in the Tacoma Mall.

Doctors at Tacoma General Hospital believe McKown may have suffered permanent paralysis because of spinal damage, hospital spokesman Todd Kelley said.

Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said detectives don't know if McKown simply brandished his handgun to show the gunman he was armed, or if he was preparing to fire the weapon. Witnesses told the family McKown was shot after he pulled the gun.

Roger McKown, 63, of Yelm, called his son a hero and said he has been licensed to carry a firearm for years.

"Dan has been one that always believes in protecting other people, and he put his life on the line for other people," he said at a hospital news conference.

The younger McKown has undergone two surgeries and remains on a respirator, the hospital said. He also suffered a superficial gunshot wound to the right elbow.

It seems one of our own was hurt attempting to protect others. I was kinda wondering why a CCW holder didn't stop or at least attempt to stop the "gunman." Our prayers are with you and your family, Mr. McKown. Now I'm going home to work on my draw and to think about tactics.


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