Sunday, July 03, 2005

Canadian Firearms Safety Sample Exam... Post Your Scores!

Go here and have a laugh at the exam. It's pretty sinch. The only questions you might screw up are on their "safety" acronyms or Canadian stupid storage laws. I got 17/20 on the "unrestricted" exam and 19/20 on the "restricted" (i.e. handguns) exam. I missed the one asking if it is safe to store ammo in a tightly sealed metal container (as I do at home). Naturally, this perfectly safe practice is not safe in Canada. You have to lock the stuff up, I guess.


Also, if you want, take the exams once, and email me your score! I'll post scores here. Rules: honor system, take it once and let me know your scores. Tell me any fun snafus you felt you were wronged by if you like. Send scores to: carnaby_fudge AAAAAATTTTT HOTmail.youknowwhat. That underscore in carnaby_fudge is really there, don't forget it!

Note: you have to register for the exam, but it's a snap, no nead to provide any sensitive info (first name minimum). Also, you only get 16 questions (and 20 minutes!! who the hell is that slow?) to take the exam, but you can select different categories to be included to get more questions on, say, ammo, and less on general gun stuff and so on.

UPDATE: Come on now, at the minimum I expect to see Kevin, SayUncle and Jed in on this.


Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Got 11 out of 12 on the "Restricted" test. Didn't know what one of their abbreviations meant. Never heard of it before. Most of it's pretty obvious.....

7/05/2005 10:01 AM  
Anonymous rusticus said...

Got 15/16 on the Non-Restricted. I couldn't remember what that dang groove around the bullet was called.

Restricted - 11/12 'cause I misread a question. Ah well.

Do I get some sort of treat? Pat on the head? Dual citizenship?

7/05/2005 3:44 PM  

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