Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Closer to Home

David Horsey gives us this cartoon to ponder:

Why is he such a jackass? I don't know, but he's implying that because a person votes Democrat for national offices but Republican for state offices, he must be a Ralphie Mushpie or something. In reality, this is not uncommon. Just look at New York and Massacheeeewsetts, two more liberal places I can't imagine. They vote explicitly for Dems for national office -- to the point that Repubs often don't even bother challenging -- but both have Republican governors (well, RINOs, but still).

Seems they know something that Washington voters know as well. It seems that at the national level, liberal ideas are all well and good. They FEEL good, for the liberal voter. But when that crap comes too close to home, the liberal voter, subconsciously at least, seems to know that liberal policies are a disaster and thus they are treated like, in the words of Dilbert, a dead raccoon. Too bad this doesn't manifest in the conscious mind of liberals. But then they wouldn't be liberal, would they?

That and Christine Gregoire looks like she was brought back from the dead -- and scares small children.

UPDATE: I have it on good authority that two of the persons caricatured in the above Horsey comic would not have voted for Patty Murray either. So thpppt.


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