Monday, December 06, 2004

Traffic Adjustment

Look, the traffic here is essentially nill. I got a few hits from Google searches for "SKS 7.62mm x 39mm semiautomatic rifle" oddly enough. Seems logical that if I do a quick recount of interesting news I'll get a few more 0:00, 0 page view visits, and I need the comfort. I got some traffic, and I need more. I don't want to work for the traffic, oh no, so I'll just be lazy and note that in the news we have:

1. Ohio makes Bush victory official. Like, duh, I was worried, right.

2. New drug, made by Bristol-Myers Squibb put 86 percent of patients who tried it into remission. Nothing but good things to say about that one. In other news, North Korea's communist economy (if you can call it that) managed to produce three grains of rice for its citizens (if you can call them that).

It also appears that Lost sleep equals gained weight. Probably because you eat more while you're awake. They say it's due to hormones.

3. In Iraq, the Red Crescent Aid group 'told to freeze' Falluja work. I'm going to start a French aid group and call it the "crescent roll with red jam and butter."

There's also a lot of other crap about why Hamid Karzai's hat looks so dumb, warnings or something about flu shots, and a whole bunch of crap about Michael Jackson.

4. Oh, almost forgot, we're starting a hand recount of the votes for Washington governor. We should have a new governor by New Year's. Go Rossi, you only have to win three times in Washington, we promise.

Now, if that doesn't net a few bored web surfers, I don't know what else to do, short of posting real commentary (ha! yeah, thppppt). Maybe next time I'll pull something from somewhere other than smelly

Hey, did anyone else see the Fear Factor with the 140 pound pit bull? That was cool. Those poor bastards trying to stuff the presents in the boxes got their asses handed to them. Pretty neat.


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