Friday, January 07, 2005

Liberal Knicker Twister

Kim has posted his son's homeschooling curriculum for the week
Math: 1 hour every day
Reading (educational): 1 hour every day
Reading ("free"): at least 1 hour every day, after school hours (he normally does two)
Writing & Vocabulary: 1 hour every day, 250 words
Language: 1/2 hour Spanish per day
Music: 1 hour piano practice each day, except Wednesday (lesson)
Other subjects: 1 hour per week each of Science, Geography, History
Shooting: 1 hour per week
If that doesn't twist some liberal knickers, I don't know what will. Shooting will definitely be in Jake the Army's curriculum.

I'm in general agreement with Kim's curriculum, except for the math, as that has a keen place in my heart, being an engineer and all. So it's two hours of math every day for Jake the Army, more in line with the Robinson Curriculum, which the wife and I plan to follow.

Now, being an engineer, I have poor spelling and I frequently make mistakes with my grammar. Stickwick usually edits my post for these errors as she is an expert in grammar and spelling. The kids must absolutely surpass their father with regard to the English language.


Blogger Mrs. du Toit said...

Careful with the over do of math. If you divide it up, it's OK, but you risk actually going backwards if you do too much. Of all the subjects, math burnout is the most dangerous. You can actually work against yourself--losing ground, if you do too much. Overload results. A kind of mental fatigue that makes you forget what you learned in the first half hour by the time you get to the last half hour.

If you do a half hour of drill work, such as reciting multiplication tables and a half hour of problem solving, you've done the mental calisthenics necessary to keep the brain sharp. But just like exercise, if you do too much, you actually defeat the purpose and risk injury. No different with the brain.

Remember, piano (music, in general) is ALSO math--the same part of the brain is strengthened, but other senses and muscles are used.

Just my two cents.

1/09/2005 8:34 AM  

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