Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I was gonna, I swear...

...really, I was going to go get that eggnog pancake recipe from the store, but then Wife Swap came on the TV and that was the end of that. In fact, it's on right now and I gotta run. Besides, I'm not even on the first two pages of Google searches for "eggnog pancake" after one day, so forget it. If there's no ego boost in it for me then I'm out.

Speaking of which, it looks like Rossi is calling for a revote; I agree. When you have three counts, and three outcomes, each significantly different while being insignificantly different, essentially within the margin of error for counting votes, you need to do it over. I doubt it will happen.

I did talk with some election observers who saw things going on in King County that didn't look too good. Lots of opportunity for votes to get added fraudulently. Too bad there's no evidence that they actually were added. Truthfully though, the system is not trust-inspiring. Once a ballot makes it into the system, there is absolutely no way to tell if it got there legitimately or not. I'd like to see a move to electronic voting; it at least seems like it should be trickier to simply add votes, like what appears might have happened here. We'll see.

Now, back to Wife Swap. It's not my fault, my wife watches it, then I get sucked in. It's actually quite a good show. Often the same stuff. They bring a stern wife into a house with fat, lazy kids, and they protest even the slightest restrictions or work imposed on them. By the end the fatties find out their lives are happier and emotionally healthier with the added discipline, while the ultra stern households learn to lighten up a smidge. Sometimes, it's a real win-win thing and both families benefit. I really enjoy seeing that.


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