Friday, December 10, 2004


One link from The Smallest Minority and I've got all sorts of traffic. Neat. I hope everyone is enjoying the new format (thanks to Stickwick).

Please stay tuned, Stickwick and her husband are trying to import his 13-year-old sister from Finland where she lives in a state-run home for kids who have no parents or unfit parents. Anyway, they want to adopt her and bring her to the US because she's all alone and the state-run home is really awful (understatement).

The problem is that as a ward of the state, she brings in tax dough for the bureaucrats, and they are not interested in giving her up, even though it is obviously in her best interest. Stickwick and husband have just started the process and it isn't pretty. Stickwick's husband left Finland because it is a socialist shit-hole. We'll post some facts that go along with that with each update.

Lastly, check out this archive post, it's one of my favorites (I need a favorites section), about Ted Rall Caught in the Act of Being an Idiot. I know, the picture is huge, but you can't make out the necessary detail otherwise.


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