Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Testosterone Christmas

I just finished shopping for all of hubby's Christmas presents, and, I must say, I'm rather proud of myself. It required a heroic effort, but I managed not to buy him a single LL Bean sweater or package of new underwear. Selecting the gifts was actually kind of easy, once I figured out how to do it -- just think of the exact opposite of what I'd want, and bingo! So here's the extra-manly stuff that ended up under the tree:
  • Gift card for his favorite store, Half-Price Books
  • Halo 2*
  • SureFire flashlight
  • Star Wars Battle Machines calendar
  • The Green Berets on DVD
  • SKS 7.62 x 39mm "assault" rifle
  • Ammo
The last two were kind of impulse buys. We've both been wanting to get an eeeevil "assault rifle" ever since the AWB sunset, and for the price I just had to get this one. It's the only item that wasn't an exact-opposite-of-what-I'd-want gift, and I can't wait to take it to the range. (This isn't hubby's SKS [or our dirty carpet], but that's exactly what it looks like.) As for the rest of those gifts, he'll be enjoying them all by himself. :-)

(Imadope: I forgot that we have a Game Cube, not an Xbox -- gotta go back to the store and get a different game. Argh!)


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