Thursday, October 07, 2004

Phone call from home

As normal a day as any... I'm sitting at work reading says uncle and kim dutoit and I get a phone call from my wife at home, pretty standard stuff.

Me: Hi, how's things at home? Kids doing ok?

Wife: yep, the kids are down for their naps. How do you get the beretta ready again?

Me: Huh?

Wife: well, the house behind ours is surrounded by SWAT guys and there's a couple helicopters overhead, I just want to be on the safe side in case a runaway BG comes into the house.

Me: *blink* *blink*

Me: Ok, um, do you have it with you? Ok, good, now just cycle the slide... pull it all the way back and let go. The safety should be on, so all you have to do to be ready is flip the safety off. Got it?

Wife: *chick, ka-chack* Got it.

Me: Remember, if you have to shoot, don't flinch, don't shy away, just point the fucking thing and shoot, be determined. Make sure you get behind something first, and make damn hell sure it's not the fucking SWAT guys too. Geez, this sucks. First chance you get, we're going to the range together for an intense session or two.

Wife: Got it (she's mentally tough, I trust her if the SHTF).

Well there you have it. I've taught my wife to use the beretta (96 brig) with snap caps and all that, but she's never fired it on account of being pregnant when I got it and unable to get away from the baby long enough yet. We live in a really nice, mostly liberal neighborhood just north of the University of Washington in Seattle. I wonder WTF is going on back there??

UPDATE: OK, this wasn't really that big a deal. Turns out that SWAT was just after some weenie arsonist.


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